Dreamin’ and hopin’ and wishin’….

*This blog post was written when I studied abroad in Granada in 2009. Though it is certainly not up to the quality of the articles I currently write, I didn’t want to lose the humble beginnings of this blog (at the time called European Escapades). Bear this in mind, and check back, as I plan to write more informative posts with photographs about many of the places I visited while studying abroad.*

SOOO, I had my first dream about studying abroad last night! it was a slightly strange dream but nothing too weird. Here it goes. All the study abroad kids were supposed to meet at this statue thing at school and wait. we all met there around 7:30 am and it was still dark. I finally found Frank and he was like come on we have to go. Then I saw Shannon smoking a cigarette which was strange because she doesn’t smoke in real life. Then I have this terrible realization that I forgot some important things like tampons and my mickey blanket so I was practically in tears but I kept following Frank cause he knew what he was doing. so we go downstairs in this one building and Schaefer (my bitch of a Spanish teacher) is in this classroom talking to these three girls about a work sheet that they did in class. I burst in frantically to ask her if there was enough time for me to run back to my dorm room to get the stuff I forgot, but she wouldn’t answer so I had to wait until she was done. I went back to the hallway where Frank was waiting to ask what time it we were supposed to get on the bus to leave so I could see if I had time to go to my room, and he answered me, in Spanish, that the bus left at 10:30. When it was finally my turn to talk to Schaefer, me and 2 other girls walked into the classroom and sat down around the table. Schaefer hands back a work sheet and every one of my answers (on a scan tron) were checked off in red pen as being wrong. The other 2 girls only had a few wrong. Then she starts talking about how she hates that classroom saying something like “This classroom is shit, and if you (looking at me) ever give me a classroom like this, your grades will be shit too.” Next thing I know I’m in this walk-in closet trying to figure out what clothes to bring. Lauren and Josh and maybe Brianne are there sitting in this living room on a couch.

Thats pretty much all I remember. Im SO glad I don’t actually have to encounter Schaefer before I go on this trip! Im sooo excited, only 26 days left, and about 6-8 of those days will be spent frolicking with friends in places such as the Hamptons and Rochester. Woot!! Okay well that’s all for now, adios amigos.

One thought on “Dreamin’ and hopin’ and wishin’….

  1. Gah. Anxiety dreams are the worst. I used to get them before every first day of school. In my pre-kindergarten nightmare, I spent the entire day looking for a string for my nametag and missed school. Yours sounds much worse, though.


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