*This blog post was written when I studied abroad in Granada in 2009. Though it is certainly not up to the quality of the articles I currently write, I didn’t want to lose the humble beginnings of this blog (at the time called European Escapades). Bear this in mind, and check back, as I plan to write more informative posts with photographs about many of the places I visited while studying abroad.*

Hola amigos!!

I made it to Spain in one piece, andddd with all of my luggage! I arrived in Málaga yesterday around 12:30, and after some searching and switching of conveyor belts, I finally found my 2 large suitcases…. probably the heaviest things in existance. The flights were fine. From Buffalo to DC was short, like 50 mins so that was fine. Then my really long flight from DC to Copenhagen, Denmark was 7.5 hours. It left at 5:15pm our time, and arrived in Copenhagen at 7:15 am, which is 1:15 am our time (I’m 6 hours ahead of you). I couldnt sleep on the flight at all. I tried but i just wasn’t that tired, cause normally I would go to bed around 1 or 2 at home anyways. The guy next to me was slightly cigarette smokey and a little BO-y (not “boy”) but he was kind of nice except that when he wanted to get out (I was on the aisle) he would just kind of stare until I figured it out. So i didnt really sleep on that flight at all because I was uncomfortable and couldn’t breath through my nose or I could smell the guy next to me. After Copenhagen I flew 3.5 hours to Málaga…finally!
Once I got to Málaga I basically put my suitcases in my hotel room and then a bunch of people went to the beach around 2pm so I went too cause I wanted to meet people, and the other people from UR weren’t there yet. We ate at a little beach restaurant and went in the Mediterranean Sea (woo!) and it was beautiful….and SO hot. I have been sweating non-stop since I got here, except in my hotel room which had AC. So far the weather has been in the upper 30’s…today in the sun a thermometer on the side of the road (they have those here) said it was 40. I don’t know what that translates to in Fahrenheit but in Chelsea it translates to “fucking hot.” After the beach we went back and I took a much needed shower, and then around 6:30 (I should actually start using European time so i get used to it…18:30) there was an optional meeting about renting cell phones. When I went down for the meeting, Frank was just arriving so we went up to his room and talked until Alex and Heather got there. Their plane left Philly, flew 2 hours, turned around and landed back in Philly, sat there for an hour w/o letting them off, and then flew to Madrid. So they missed their connection in Madrid and had to take a later flight… they were supposed to get to the hotel around 10:30 but instead didn’t get there until 19:00. Anyway, around 20:00, mostly the entire group, about 60 of us, went on a walk to “el centro” which is “downtown” and then split up to see this cathedral and this old Roman theatre. After that we were on our own to get back and get food cause at this point it was like 21:00, which is a normal time for Spaniards to eat but for us it is really late. We ate at this bar and between 6 of us ordered four tapas (appetizer like foods….many people in spain eat them for dinner since lunch is the big meal of the day), and then made it back to the hotel and I passed out at 0:15… my first sleep in 34 hours.
Today we woke up at 8:15 and had breakfast at the hotel. then we had about 4 orientation sessions talking about safety, health, cultural differences, home stay etiquette etc. at 15:00 we had lunch (thats the normal time for spaniards to eat) and then at 16:15 got on a bus for Granada! The bus ride was 1.5 hours long and I was getting mad car sick but finally we arrived at the hotel. My señora found me and my roommate, Sarah, and we took a taxi home, with one f my suitcases strapped in the front seat. we live in a reallllyyy cute apartment with Amalia, my señora (host mom) and her 23 yr old daughter, Ana (I think, she hasn’t been very friendly yet). Amalia is so nice but this is going to be an adventure because she doesn’t really speak english at all, and Sarah and I aren’t the best at spanish either. But after careful listening we figured out that we each get our own room which is soooo, (to use a word I hate) incredibly clutch. After we got here we hassled with the internet (the wireless won’t work and there aren’t ethernet holes… thank you to the person whose wireless I am stealing right now), and then I unpacked. Sarah and I are both vegetarians (they paired the vegetarians into families together) and at 20:30 Amalia made us an incredible dinner of sopa de verduras (vegetable soup). It was a creamy kind of soup, not with chunks of vegetables. she also made tortilla de patatas which is THE BEST THING EVER. It’s like a quiche kind of, but its eggs and potatoes and delish, all mixed together. SO good. Then I had a plum and an apple for desert. I forgot how to say plum already. It’s th… something.
OH! speaking of th… somethings, I forgot to mention… I am now the proud mother of a host dog! She is an adorable little chihuahua name Thoy and she doesn’t bark or smell and is really cute cause she has huge ears and her eyes aren’t too bulgy.
Anyway, thats basically my 2 days in spain thus far. I don’t feel too jet lagged yet. I’m going to shower and after, perhaps I will put up some pictures on facebook before I go to bed… early start tomorrow… 8:00…I spoiled myself this summer… I love ellipses.

2 thoughts on “España!!!

  1. Random stuff that you wouldnt think of/know as an american. things such as : never walk barefoot in the house, always were slippers or house shoes. people are very water/energy conscious so take 5-10 min showers/ take military showers (turning the water off when lathering, then back on to rinse), be very direct and straight forward, dont pretend to like something you dont like, say goodnight before bed and hello when you get home, its rude to ask for salt or pepper at meals she has made, keep your room very tidy, don’t speak english with your roommate in front of your host family… thats all i can think of at the moment.and yess, having someone cook me meals is such a luxury! im not used to it at all haha. and she does my laundry!


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