Yesterday’s Adventures

*This blog post was written when I studied abroad in Granada in 2009. Though it is certainly not up to the quality of the articles I currently write, I didn’t want to lose the humble beginnings of this blog (at the time called European Escapades). Bear this in mind, and check back, as I plan to write more informative posts with photographs about many of the places I visited while studying abroad.*

Yesterday (Saturday) we woke up around 8:00am because we had our first Spanish class at 9. I could nottttt sleep friday night, so I think I probably got about 4 hours of sleep. Cool. So we woke up and had cereal and fruit for breakfast, then walked to school. Amalia took us since it was the first day and we didnt know where we were going. When we got there, we all went to the classrooms we were assigned. Based on a placement test over the summer, they divided us into 5 classes, varying by how good your spanish is. I was in one of the middle groups. Anyway, our profesora had us do an intro activity so we had to get up and write 6 things we like on the points of a jewish star on the white board, and then present to the class. that took a while because there was about 20 of us. Then we took a break and i got water. I have never loved water as much as I have here, because it is so hotttt. After the break we went back and learned vocab. for describing people physically, and for members of the family. We took a tour of the center and then went home for lunch.

{Let me make a side note now. I decided a couple days ago that I am going to eat seafood here. It is a huge part of their diet and I kind of feel like I would be missing out if I didn’t eat it. It’s also really difficult to fid anything to eat here that doesn’t have some sort of seafood in it. Also, my roommate Sarah is a vegetarian but she eats seafood, so I though it would make it easier for Amalia if she could make recipes with seafood.}
For lunch we had salad with lettuce tomatoes avacado and olives. Its hard to get used to olives but I am trying to be a Spaniard so I forced them down. Then we had a soup with macaroni-like noodles and sea food in it. I think there were muscles and some sort of small thing with tentacles that I tried not to look at as I ate, because most seafood looks really unappetizing even though its pretty good.
After lunch I took a little siesta for about an hour. I got up at 4:45 and walked down to meet Alex, Heather, and Hannah to look for cell phones. The stores were closed (most stores close around 2 and re open at 5, after siesta, but the cell phone stores stayed closed) so we went to the big department store here called Corte Ingles. After walking around there for a bit we went to this beautiful plaza and at gelato. By this time I had nickel sized blisters on the balls of both of my feet that were extremely painful. So around 7 we met up with our orientation spanish class groups, and went on a walk through El Albayzín. It is a really old neighbor hood with lots of winding streets made of cobble stone, on a hill. Needless to say, I was not wearing the proper shoes, and in addition to that and the blisters, it was soooo hot out. I looked it up last night and 40 degrees celsius = 104 degrees fahrenheit. Blahhh. It wasnt 40 last night while we were walking, but it had to have been at least 85F. And as you know, I don’t do heat. Sooo I was realllyyy sweaty and didn’t take any pics until we got to the top where we had a great view of La Alhambra. I’ll go back when it cools down to photograph Al Albayzín because it is really beautiful. After we got back to IES, our profesora walked us to to this gorgeous cathedral where there was a band playing and tons of old people dancing. It was sooo cute and fun to watch. We slightly participated, but I could barely walk, let alone dance, so when our class decided to walk back to IES so they would know where they were, I walked back home since the cathedral was closer to my house. I rinsed off, and then basically couldnt get in contact with anyone to meet up for tapas since I dont have a phone yet. Instead, I put up some pictures and ended up going to bed around 12:30. I was exhausted after 5 hours of walking around with painful blisters so I passed out.
Today I got up around 10:15, showered, and ate breakfast. Then I finally figured out how to make the wireless internet work. I had been stealing someone else’s wireless, but I had to change some sort of setting here so my computer would connect, and now it FINALLY works. Yay secure networks. I don’t know what to do today since everything is closed on Sundays, but I think after lunch I am going to meet up with some people at 4:30 and walk around. After I decide which shoes will be the best for my current condition.
Hasta luego, tíos.

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