It’s Thanksgiving…

*This blog post was written when I studied abroad in Granada in 2009. Though it is certainly not up to the quality of the articles I currently write, I didn’t want to lose the humble beginnings of this blog (at the time called European Escapades). Bear this in mind, and check back, as I plan to write more informative posts with photographs about many of the places I visited while studying abroad.*

Wow, sorry I have been a little MIA in this blog, but its incredible the amount of work I’ve been assigned! Three 10-12 page papers (2 in spanish, 1 in english), one 5-6 page paper (in spanish), reviews of four 6 page long articles (spanish)…and this list goes on…those are just things I haven’t done yet. And in addition to the long paper assigned for each class, we also have a final exam. I am definitely ready for break to come to get a break from this work for a bit. But thinking about going home is definitely bittersweet (i made up the spanish version: amargodulce). It’s strange to think that in 23 days i’ll be sleeping in my own bed. I am excited to go home because I miss my bed and my friends and my family and having a car, and Target, but there are so many things that I am going to miss about Granada. Shall I resort to lists?

Things I am going to miss about granada:
-1 euro pastries
-delicious cookies for desert
-being in a small city where I can walk everywhere
-being able to drink legally
-tortilla española
-the concept of tapas
-people speaking spanish all around me
-being able to see the alhambra every day. a huge piece of history chillin on a hill.
Things I will not miss:
-Having to leave a half hour before I have to be somewhere so I can walk there
-eating fish. blech.
-having a ton of homework.
-how expensive everything is AKA how badly the USD sucks.
Things I am looking forward to at home:
-seeing my friendddsss
-mighty taco with caitlin
-my bed
-my car
-having a 24 hour library/ any library at all
-Not feeling like “an american” when I speak english.
It is incredible how quickly the time passes. One minute I’m writing about my host family and my flight here, and the next I’m working on final projects and preparing myself to leave. This was an experience I am glad to have had. I think sometimes study abroad gets put on a pedestal and everyone says things like “you’re going to have the best time of your life!” and things to that effect. I did have a wonderful amazing crazy confusing time, and it has definitely been one of the most interesting experiences I have had. I have grown a lot from this trip, from being able to get around in a spanish-speaking city, to flying around europe by myself, learning to cope with being away from all of the people I love etc. but I certainly hope this wasn’t “the best time of my life!” Not that I didn’t love this experience, because I really did. I love Granada and if i could transport it to Buffalo/Rochester New York, I totally would because it is such an amazing and beautiful place. But if I just had the best time of my life, then what do I have to look forward to for the next 60 years of my life? If I had to redo junior year, I would definitely choose to study abroad again, but I think overall I am glad for my time here to be winding down.
That being said, last night our program had a Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant that rotates and you get a view of the city. It wasn’t traditional thanksgiving food, but it was still a nice time. Afterwards everyone went to Hannigan’s and we had a really good time. I like a lot of people in our program that I have never really hung out with which is sad. But I guess now there’s not much I can do about that, cause we only have 3 weeks left. Tonight Heather, Ann and I are going to Barcelona! I am really excited because Barcelona has some really pretty sights to see, so my camera is going to have a field day! And then next weekend I am going to Switzerland! I am really excited for both trips, I’m just having a hard time pushing all of that homework out of my mind….Hasta luego, besos y abrazos

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