Voy a España!!

Exciting news! I think that I shall be returning to Spain! The spanish government offers a program for American and Canadian students to be Language and Culture Assistants in schools in Spain for about 15 hours a week for the entire school year! I have applied to the program, but won’t get an official offer until April. However, the selection process is based on a first-come-first-served basis and I got number 356. I listed Andalucía as my top choice for region placement, so my fingers are crossed and I’m hoping to go back to Granada! I thought I’d revive the blog to document this process, as it has been extremely tedious. The most annoying part has been applying for an FBI background check, especially because I didn’t know I had to write on the application that I needed the results to be “authenticated” in order for me to then be able to send the results to the department of state to get an apostille certification. Anywho, I sent in my application for the background check 10 days ago, so only about 10 1/2 weeks left of waiting for that, before I can send it in as the last part of my application to the Auxiliares de Conversación program. I’m going to periodically update this as I find out new news, but for now I’ll just be finishing my last semester of college. Shit’s getting real.


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