Me voy a Arcos de la Frontera!!

Hola todos!

I finally got my city/school placement! It’s been 6.5 months since I started this whole process and now it is finally real and official. My letter came in the mail yesterday while I was helping a couple of friends move so I wasn’t home. However, my dad texted me in Spanish saying that he left some mail on my computer. I immediately called him and made him open the letter, and he told me I would be in Cádiz. I was sooo happy and excited!

When I got home, I realized that more specifically I would be in Arcos de la Frontera, Cádiz. It’s a smaller town more inland and from all of the research I’ve been doing, apparently the most beautiful pueblo blanco (white village) in Spain. It has a population of about 30,000 people which is smaller than I was expecting, but I’ve been reading about others who were placed in towns of 2,000 people, and even 850 people (!) so I’m feeling pretty lucky. The school I’ll be working at is called C.E.I.P. El Santiscal (the CEIP being an acronym for Centro de educación infantil y primaria…little kids!). From what google maps shows me, the school is in a neighborhood slightly removed from the main part of the city, so I’ll have to figure out the commute. Many current and past auxiliares say that oftentimes the teachers from the school will invite the auxiliares to carpool with them, so I’m hoping that happens, or that I can figure out the bus (if there is one? I’ve scoured the internet to no avail).

Now begins the fretting phase. I’m so nervous! I hope the teacher from the school who is assigned to help me will be nice! It’s going to be struggle city to find an apartment because since the town is pretty small not much is listed on the websites I’ve been recommended, so I’m pretty much going to have to play it by ear when I get there. Most of my nerves stem from thoughts about the first few days there. Arriving, finding a temporary living situation, finding a permanent living situation, etc. My mind has been slightly soothed after virtually touring some winding roads, because the place is beautiful and I saw a shoe store.

 Did I mention that this city is on a hill? The entire place is on a giant hill, culminating in a large old building (I think maybe an old convent?) on the edge of a 150 meter cliff. Thank goodness I’ll be going to the gym up until the day I leave, and that perhaps the hot summer weather will have subsided some by the time I get there in mid-September. Oh, another thing I read is that the weather rarely reaches over 35°C, which is a good thing because that translates to 95°F and that is most definitely over my limit.

Anyway, now all thats left is to send the school a copy of my passport and my signed acceptance letter to officially accept the job! I’ll be doing that today. Then my visa appointment is in 3 weeks and I’ll be set to go! Good thing I have camp for two months to distract me from the anticipation! And my friend Natajah is working at camp this summer! Everything is great!


9 thoughts on “Me voy a Arcos de la Frontera!!

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  2. Hi Chelsea!

    I got my acceptance to Madrid at the end of April, however I still haven’t received the letter regarding all of the visa/job information. Should I start the visa process now or wait until I receive the letter? And what paperwork exactly do I need to be able to open the Spanish visa? Thanks in advance!


    • HI! I am SOOOOO sorry that for some reason I’m just seeing this now! I hope by now you’ve got your letter and you know here your headed to, and that your visa process is going smoothly! As you’ll know by now, the visa paperwork can vary by consulate so you’ll have to look up the specific requirements on your consulate’s website. Again, sorry for the delay!


  3. Hi Chelsea,

    I just received my placement in Arcos de Frontera. Do you happen to know of this school and how far it is from the center it will be very helpful! Also if you have any info, advice, knowledge of Cádiz. Thanks!

    C.E.I.P. Maestro Juan Apresa (Código 11007995)Avda. Constitución, 111630Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz)


    • Hey Stephanie! Juan Apresanis a nice school in a residential area of Arcos, about a 7 min walk from the center and about 3 mins from where I currently live! I don’t know who was at Juan apresa this year but if you try emailing them (in Spanish) they’ll probably be able to get you in touch. I’ve been living in Arcos for 5 years so I can pretty much answer any questions you have if you want to shoot me an email or a Facebook message!


  4. Hi Chelsea,

    In case you are still actively checking this, I’ve been placed in Arcos as an Auxiliar with my novio. Any advice on apartment hunting? I’m starting through your blog now! Also, thank you for the insight :).


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