Pre-Departure Ramblings

Wow, time flies!

The past two months that I spent at camp went by so quickly. I had my visa appointment during supervisor week and it got sent to my house about 3 weeks later. Glad that’s taken care of! It was a wonderful summer, and luckily I don’t have much time to be sad about it ending because I’m leaving in 14 days! I’ll be on Long Island for a wedding this weekend, but I’ll be back home by Sunday night. Then I have 10 days to fit 9 months worth of belongings into a manageable amount of luggage. I hate packing!

I’m really excited because I found a place to live so now I don’t have to bank on living in a hostel for a week while I search for an apartment. I’ll be living with 2 other auxiliares in a gorgeous house and I am so happy about it! My landlord is super nice and helpful, I am so lucky to have seen a posting in a Facebook group about this place. I’ve also been in contact with the bilingual coordinator at the school I’ll be working and she seems really nice, so everything is falling into place! It’s so weird that I’m beginning my life in the “real world”in a foreign country!

Anyway, I’ll probably write again once I’m in Spain…hasta luego!



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