Remembering why they have a siesta…

Sigh of relief…

I’m here! I made it all in once piece… though my suitcase can’t say the same. Pieces of plastic fall off of it every time I take something out of it and one of the corners has completely fallen to the ground. Anyway, I got here yesterday after 23 hours of traveling. My flight out of Buffalo got moved forward by 2.5 hours because a woman who works for Continental (soon to be United, thanks merger) called me and said there was a threat of isolated thunderstorms and she saw that I was traveling international and didn’t want me to miss my flight to Spain, so she went ahead and booked me on an earlier flight. Super nice of her! I was very appreciative.

When I got to the airport my suitcase was 5lbs over, so I had to move some things into my already-stuffed duffel bag, and carry my Northface…annoying! I had a teary goodbye with my daddy outside the security line, and then headed in to wait for my flight to Newark. The flight was good, but I had to gate-check both my duffle and my back pack because it was a little plane with small overhead compartments, so I was bored and hot. Meh.

When I got to Newark I had to wait almost 4 hours for my flight to Madrid. I would have wandered around the airport more, but my duffle bag was so heavy and I was dying from carrying it. I got some food from the food court and I eventually found a charging station with an empty outlet so I sat there and watched CNN for a while while my Kindle charged. Around 7:30 I made my last phone calls, and then we boarded the plane. I sat next to a nice older couple who were more than understanding when I made them get up a second time so that I could run off the plane to grab my passport which I left in my duffle bag which had to be gate checked again because there was no room on the plane. The ride was surprisingly short…only 6 hrs and 40 mins. I watched Super 8, slept, and then watched all but the last 2 mins of Something Borrowed…because I literally had to get off of the plane. Almost perfect timing!

I got my bags, and then found the yellow bus which for 2€ took me to the train station. What I saw of Madrid on the bus ride there was beautiful , so I will definitely be visiting, especially because 2 of my friends will be there (Hi Rachel and Caitlin!). At the train station I had another longgggg wait, so I got some tortilla and a bocadillo (it’s good to be back) from this cafe/store and sat in the air conditioned oasis for a while. Finally after 3 hours of waiting my train arrived and as soon as I got on, I passed out for a good 3.5 hour nap. When I got to Jerez, Enrique (my landlord) was there waiting for me, he’s so nice! He drove me to Arcos and gave me a tour of the apartment and showed me how to use all of the appliances. I took a much needed shower and then he drove me to the Mercadona. Again, so nice of him! The Mercadona was bigger than I was expecting so I got a little lost trying to find a few basic things to hold me over for a day. I got some apples, water, bread and cheese for sandwiches, and cereal and milk. After I got back home I sat on the couch and watched Sex and the City (in english!) and Skyped with my daddy. Then I passed out and slept for 11 hours…whoops.

After I showered and ate some breakfast this morning I headed out to explore. I thought I had found the main street of the center of the city and I walked around for an hour, but it got so hot that I bought a cold water and walked back. The walk back also involves going up 80 stairs… lucky me! So here I am. I google mapped where I was and I was 2 streets over from what is actually the center. Womp. I have plenty of time to go try again, but I’m going to wait till its not 88 degrees without a cloud in the sky…oh wait, it’s like this every day.


One thought on “Remembering why they have a siesta…

  1. Damn, Lady. Your life is EXCITING! I can’t imagine the scenery. My vista at the moment is parking lot bordered by a very active one-way street. Ahhh, the life.I hope many amazing adventures await, and that you’ll share them all with us. I could stand to live vicariously through you!Take care, my dear!


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