Hat Trick

There are so many hours in these days that I just don’t know what to do with yet! Yesterday I was pretty down about it; I don’t have friends here yet, I don’t know where anything is or what people do here, and lots of things are closed on the weekends. Needless to say, I was pretty grumpy yesterday… but I’m feeling much better today.

This afternoon after the sun went down a little I decided to go explore the old part of town. I looked at google maps for a little to try to avoid getting lost, but as I don’t have a paper map I pretty much left it up to chance. Here are some things I saw:

A view of the reservoir as I started climbing

Still on my way up up up…

I made it! This is one of the churches… I think this one is Santa María

A daring car squeezing through a tiny road

Decoration on a big door

The other church I think? I’m a bad tourist…

View from the mirador

I found a few of these around the old part of town

I saw this…

Through this wall

On a recycling bin: “Glass yes, thank you”

When I got home I was super sweaty…gross. I wonder if I will ever get used to the hills here? Anyway, I decided to try my hand at my first dinner. Technically yesterday I made the same thing, just without the mushrooms…

Pasta a la red sauce and champiñones
So since dinner I’ve just been watching some Spanish TV. My new favorite show is called Ahora Caigo! It’s a game show where the main contestant goes against different opponents answering fill-in-the-blank trivia questions. The contestant gets 30 seconds to answer their question, then the opponent gets 30 seconds to answer another question and so on. If the contestant doesn’t know the answer, they can pass, but they only get 3 passes for the whole game. If the opponent doesn’t know the answer after the 30 seconds, they FALL THROUGH A HOLE IN THE FLOOR. An amount of euros is then revealed and the contestant wins that amount of money. Then the contestant moves on to the next opponent. There are 10 opponents total, and if they make all 10 fall through the hole, they win! This show would never exist in America… do you know how many lawsuits they would have against them for back injury?? Anyway, it never gets old, it’s funny every time someone falls. I have been thoroughly enjoying it. Now I’m watching the Spanish version of Wife Swap, it’s still good even though I can only understand half of what they’re saying, especially when the wives are crying. I guess we aren’t all that different after all… and then you look at things like this: 
Hasta luego…


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