Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in. The suunnnn shine innnn.

It doesn’t feel like it’s already been a week since I left home! Time is passing pretty quickly and I haven’t even been doing anything yet, so I can’t imagine how quickly it will go once I start working. The past few days I’ve met 3 veteran auxiliares of Arcos. The first, Jens, is a guy from Belgium who also worked here last year. The second, Cece, was an auxiliar starting in 2007. She’s still here, though now she has a real job teaching at a language school. The third, Veena, was an auxiliar here last here too, in the same school as Jens. All three have been super nice and welcoming, and it’s been good to have people to hang out with and talk to about Arcos. Tomorrow one of my roommates, Nur, is coming! I’m excited to meet her and to have someone else in the house…I’ve never lived alone and though I do see the definite advantages,  I’m glad for the company and for another person who is new to Arcos to discover with. Our third roommate, Moira, will arrive on Friday and then our house will be complete!

Being back in Spain is really interesting. So many things in Arcos are different than they were in Granada. Not that it’s unexpected, it just is. There are tons of kioskos here, little stands where you can buy a treat or a drink. I have definitely been using them to my advantage during long, hot, hilly walks! Another thing that is different here is that you can’t drink the tap water. No agua del grifo for me. I’ve also been missing the arabic hippie vibe of Granada (alcaicería anyone?) but I’m excited to tap into the culture of Arcos. One good thing though, lots of TV shows in english! I’m currently watching Friends, one of the shows thats NOT in english, but so far I’ve seen Desperate Housewives, Monk, How I Met Your Mother,  Tabitha’s Salon Takeover, Parental Control, CSI Miami, and a few more. 

It’s been super hot here during the afternoon, so I’ve been staying in while it’s hot and going out either really early or later to avoid the heat. The big grocery store that I go to is a 15 minute walk away so it has to be carefully planned which groceries I’m going to buy each time I go, because I have to carry them back! I’m going to start getting the heavy things (water, milk, detergent) at a small store that’s way closer to my house so that I don’t have to carry them so far. In the vein of grocery stores, I cooked again! Thank goodness for the cookbook I brought with me!

It was supposed to be pasta primavera, but my pan isn’t big enough to mix the pasta in with the sauce and vegetables. Still tasty!

 Overall, I think I’m gunna like it here (cue musical number from Annie). The other day as I was walking up the 93 stairs that I have to take when walking home from the center of town (a.k.a. EVERYDAY) I caught myself humming Age of Aquarius. It was strange because I never listen to that song, and the only reason I even know it is because we sang it in chorus in high school… hayyyy Pops concert! Then I looked down and chuckled…

From what I can tell this is like gatorade. This is the normal flavor, lemon.

The subconscious is so strange! Anyway, now I need to figure out where to take my garbage and recycling… Must clean for the new roommate arriving tomorrow!


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