Let’s see…

Since I last posted the most eventful things have been going to vist my school and the beginning of feria.

On Tuesday I left the house at 10:10 to head down to the center to catch the bus. In the center there is a roundabout, and on either side of it are bus stops. I went to the side that CeCe advised me to go to and waited…and waited and waited. Three buses came and went but none of them were the bus I was waiting for. I was supposed to be at school at 10:45 because that was when Maria Eugenia (the bilingual program coordinator at school) had a break. At around 10:40 I decided to try the other bus stop to see if I was at the wrong side and didn’t realize it. Soon after getting to the other side, my bus drives up…and continues to the other side of the roundabout where I had been waiting the whole time. I ran across the roundabout and made it onto the bus, only for it to sit there for 20 minutes before leaving. We finally got to El Santiscal 15 minutes later, around 11:20. I got off at a random stop because I didn’t know where my school was and asked a little old lady for help. She directed me to the school and when I got there I knew I was in the right place because I heard the screams of playing children. I walked up to a random teacher and asked for Maria Eugenia, and he directed me to a group of young teachers who were seemingly excited to meet me and were very excited that I’m from New York. I iterated to them that I was not from the City, but they said that to them it was the same thing. Ha.

I finally found Maria Eugenia and she walked me around the school and then into the teachers lounge to meet a bunch of teachers who were snacking. All were really nice and welcoming even though my Spanish in a situation like that is minimal at best. Maria Eugenia assured me that she would find out which teacher lives closest to me to give me a ride to school each day. So far I haven’t heard from her so I might be adventuring on the bus again come Monday. After leaving the school I went to the closest bus stop, waited for a while and decided to walk to the further bus stop because there was a store there where I could buy water. As I was walking there, the bus drives by me. Damnit. I had to power walk/jog to the bus stop that was down the road on the other side so that I could catch it after the bus turned around, and I made it just in time. I finally got back to my house at 1:10…3 hours of bus adventures for only 20 mins at the school. Oy.

Anyway, yesterday was the beginning of feria here in Arcos. For those of you who didn’t figure it out, that means the fair. Its the feria de San Miguel, the patron saint of Arcos apparently. This is like, the event of the year for the locals, so I was pretty excited to see it. I went Wednesday night with Nur, Kate, Moira, and we met up with Jens. Kate and Moira left after a while, but Nur, Jens and I stayed to have a drink and watch a flamenco performance. It was good but we were getting a little bored so we decided to leave. As we were walking out, Veena (another auxiliar) called saying that she had just got to the feria with her roommate Augustín and an auxiliar from last year (James) who was visiting. Nur and I decided to go back to meet them, which was a good choice. I had a good time drinking rebujito, the drink of choice of the feria which consists of sherry and 7up, and talking with Veena and Augustín. Veena and I danced a bit and ended up meeting another American girl (from California where Veena is from) who just moved to Arcos after living in Madrid for the past 3 years. Small world! Nur and I ended up leaving around 2:30, which puts us in bed earlier than some infants and toddlers who were still there.

Nur and I went back to feria today to get some pictures in the daylight. Here are some from last night and today:

Rides and People

The main pathway at feria, lined with tents (casetas) that have food, games and drinks

The main entrance to feria

Flamenco dancers

Guy riding a horse, dressed in some sort of traditional garb

Feria from above

From above, again

A man and his monkey… I got growled at for taking this picture. By the man, not the monkey

A woman in a flamenco dress (all the women wear these to feria) waiting in line for churros, a typical Spanish dessert

Anyway, tomorrow we’re going to Cádiz for the day, and then feria again at night. Should be a good and tiring day. We’re taking the bus at 8:30 so I should probably try to go to sleep soon…let’s see if that happens.

Also, this link will take you to the rest of my pictures! Click here!


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