The Beginning of October.

So as I mentioned last time, I went to Cádiz on Friday. Kate and Moira had to go apply for their TIE (foreigner card) so CeCe, Nur, CeCe’s freind Betsy who was visiting from the US and I walked around for a while we waited for them. It was cool to go back to a place that I’ve been before and recognize things, and it was good because last time I was there it was only for a very short time and it was mostly at night. The girls only took about an hour at the Comisaria de Policia which was promising because I have to go do the same thing this Friday and don’t want it to take a long time. Anyway, we got coffee and toast and then met up with Kate and Moira. CeCe and Betsy went off to explore on their own, so the rest of us went walking around the shopping area for a while. It was good to go shopping because Arcos has  no shopping at all. I got a pair of earrings and was happy about it. After a while we went to meet CeCe and Betsy for lunch. What we thought was going to be a 30 min walk ended up being an hour and it was sooo hot and I got a little burned, and I definitely have a tan line from the strap of my purse across my chest. Lunch wasnt great, it was at a kitschy pirate themed place with a small menu, but food and drink were needed badly so all was well. After eating we went to the beach for an hour before heading home. I went in the ocean briefly but it was rough and seaweedy and I am kind of scared of the ocean so once I was cooled off I went to sit in the shade with everyone else. We caught the bus home around 4.30 (no colons on a spanish keyboard, and speaking of colons, I taught one of the teachers that word on Monday) and I passed out on the way home.

Friday and Saturday night we went to the feria and I was out until between 5 and 6 both nights. We ended up meeting these 3 guys from North Carolina who are all half Spanish and very Southern, with the y’alls and everything. I was thoroughly entertained by them. I spent the night drinking “whee-skee coh-lah” and dancing like I had no cares in the world. Saturday night was similar, and I got to meet some of Veena’s Spanish friends who were really chill and funny and seemingly didn’t judge my terrible Spanish.

Sunday at 2 we went to the tetería to have paella with our new friend Rida. His parents own the place and he’s there helping out for a few months. Every Sunday we’re going to do an intercambio there which will be good. None of his friends showed up this time, but I don’t blame them because I was so tired from feria that I had to pry myself out of bed to go.

Monday was my first day of school! I went to 5 classes (two 3rd grades, one 2nd grade, one 4th grade and one 5th grade) and the kids are just sooo cute! I´m glad to be in a primary school because I don’t think I would like dealing with teenagers. I got to help in the classes by pronouncing words correctly and reading short passages about the 4 kingdoms of life. I was in all Science classes which was funny because the last time I learned about the kingdoms of life was probably when I was these guys’ age. I relearned the word protozoa, and got to hear a bunch of 5th graders sing “Downtown” by Petula Clark, and was told that next they were going to learn Bon Jovi. All in all it was a good day, and I got a ride home from the gym teacher who lives right by me.

Yesterday Nur, Veena, Jens and I had to go to Jerez for an orientation. We took the 8am bus so I was super tired, and then proceeded to sit through 3 hours of different people talking about how to apply for our TIE, what not to do as an auxiliar, and what to do as an auxiliar. Jens and Veena both had to be back in Arcos to teach English classes, so Nur and I left an hour early with them because we were falling asleep and needed to leave. I proceeded to watch Dexter and The Sing-Off when I got home, slept for 2.5 hours, ate a snack, and then slept some more.

And here I am at school again. I didn’t get my full schedule until I got here today, because Monday’s schedule was preliminary. I dont have class on Wednesdays until after recess, 4th period. So now I have 2.5 more hours to kill. Either I’m going to have to suck it up, come in early with my ride on Wednedays and figure out something to do for 3.5 hours, or I’ll have to take the bus later, which is equally annoying.

Today I go to 1st grade and 5th grade, so that should be an interesting contrast. the 5th grade teacher is really nice and speaks to me in English which I like. I haven’t met the 1st grade teacher yet. So that’s all for now. No pictures of anything because I’m not at home, and this post has taken me longer than normal because Spanish keyboards are a little different and I kept making typos. Anyways, people at home, I miss you a lot and I wish you could come visit me!!!!


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