Settling In

Hello everyone!

Sorry to have disappeared for a little while there. Routine has taken over and I haven’t found a good time for updating my blog in my schedule yet. Things are going well here. I shall give you a brief description of my typical week to give you a taste of what it’s like to be me.

Sunday: Usually I sleep late, tired from the night before. At 2:45 my roommates and I meet CeCe and Kate (and whoever else wants) at the steps and walk down to the tetería (tea house) that’s pretty close to us. We became friends with one of the owners’ sons early on and he told us that Sundays there would be free paella and other foods around 3, so we go there, drink a coca cola light, and have some delicious free paella while listening to a random assortment of top 40 from the early 2000s, Moira, and Moroccan music. It’s a nice relaxing time and I enjoy it a lot. After we’ll go walk around the center a bit, have a coffee on the paseo, and go home.

Monday: I get up at 7:30, get ready, and meet my friend/the gym teacher at my school at his house at 8:40 to get a ride to school. It’s far too early for me to function properly, so usually our car ride is not so talkative in the mornings because I just can’t think in Spanish. Luckily Ramón appeases me by letting me speak in English to him, but he always speaks in Spanish to me, so, fear not, I’m still getting my daily dose of comprehension practice (oh wait that’s my whole life). Ramón is easier to understand than people from Arcos (he is from a city 4 or 5 hrs away) because he doesn’t have the strong Andalú accent that most of the locals have. He also reads this blog so I can only say nice things about him (Hi Ramón! Just kidding! besossssss).

Mondays at school I have 5 classes: unfortunately I can’t remember what all of them are because I just realized that I washed my schedule in my pants today. Whoops. I’ll have to ask my coordinator to print me another. They’re pretty much all “science” classes though, loosely speaking. I get home from school at 2:30pm (thanks Ramónnnn) and eat lunch, take a nap, and go to my spanish class at 5:30. So far I really like the class and it helps that it’s only 3 of my friends and I and the teacher is really great so I  feel comfortable asking questions and stuff.

Tuesday: Tuesday I go to work again at 8:40 (just like everyday mon-thurs) and I go to different classes. Throughout the week I work in 3 first grade classes, 2 second grades, 3 third grades, 2 fourth grades, 2 fifth grades, and 2 6th grades. The little kids are really difficult for me, but all of the kids are really cute/nice except sometimes they think they’re really cool and just talk the whole class while I’m trying to teach so I decide to tell them in English that they’re being really rude and distracting and they just stare at me and laugh, fml. When I get home I usually chill out, watch my tv shows, go to the grocery store, run other errands, etc.

Wednesday:  At school on Wednesdays I have lots of free time so sometimes I go to Ramóns gym classes to watch. Gym here is either really different from America or I don’t remember shit about elementary school gym classes when gym was a “special.” They do balance exercises where they try to push each other over, or traverse across benches in different ways. When I get home I make lunch, and go to Spanish class at 5:30. After I come home and relax and at 9 we go to intercambio (a spanish/english exchange at a bar). Usually about 15 people go so it’s good because we can practice Spanish and we help others practice English. I usually practice English too much… I’m too kind. Ha!

Thursday:  School again at 8:40. Only 2 classes today so a lottttt of free time and more of Ramón’s gym classes and me sitting awkwardly in the teachers lounge while I read my Kindle or where people don’t talk to me because they don’t care/think I can’t understand/speak Spanish. After school just chilling, watching tv shows, Mercadona (grocery store), etc. We’re trying to establish a thursday night dinner club with some of my friends where we each contribute a dish. We did it last week and I made zucchini fries which were pretty good if I do say so myself. Sometimes we’ll go out for a drink or two Thursday nights but not as many people are out because they have work in the am.

 Friday:  I’m off on Fridays!! Yayyyy 3 day weekend! I try to sleep in, do whatever errands need doing, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Friday nights we go out to the only real place to go, El Sitio. Lots of people we know go there, too so we hang out with them and sometimes migrate to nearby bars (all the bars are close to each other and far from my house).

Saturday: Not much going on Saturdays either. Pretty much like Fridays in all senses. I go out to the bars, and sometimes the club, and stay out until between 4 and 7am and then come home and sleep until the loud noises in my house/near my house wake me up.

SO that’s basically my life right now. Pretty simple, but I like it. Clearly, lots of free time for visitors, so hit me up. Settling into a routine here makes it even more crazy when I stop for a second and think about where I am. I have a new “normal” and even though it’s extremely different from my old normal, for now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

❤ besosss

P.S., click here to go to my facebook album of pictures. I’ve added some new ones at the end of the album


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