“Puente” is the spanish word for “bridge,” ya know, bridge over troubled waters and all that jazz, but as of late this word usually refers to something else for me. When a national holiday in Spain falls on a weekday (for example, a Tuesday, like this week’s Día de todos los santos) the provinces like to take advantage of this fact. Rather than working on Monday, having off Tuesday, and working the rest of the week, they bridge the weekend with the holiday by also declaring the Monday a day off, a puente. This is mostly applicable to schools (most businesses were still open this past Monday), but given that I work in a school, puentes work to my advantage, especially because I always have Fridays off anyway. This past weekend was my first puente of the year!

Friday I slept in. After I woke and showered I went to the chino to buy some much needed kitchen utensils: a new pan (handle broke on the old one while i was just holding it…uh oops not my fault!), a garlic press (yeah Chelsea cooks with garlic whattt), a new set of knives (cuts my onion chopping time down by at least 8 mins, no pun intended), and a drain stopper, (to catch all of the disgusting particles of food that gather in the drain. Ugh makes me want to vom just thinking about it). Anyways, just came home and chilled out and watched Tabitha te necesito and Entre fantasmas (Thats Tabitha’s Salon Takeover and Ghost Whisperer for all you people who thought the shows were called Tabitha, I Need You and Between Ghosts. Time to wise up chil’n). Anyways It was a pretty low-key day, and at night we did the usual and went to El Sitio, which was a good time. Everyone skedattled out of there early for some reason so we went to a bar down the street, Castro, and I had a good time there as well.

Saturday Nur, CeCe and I went to Jerez to go shopping at the mall, Area Sur. It was much needed as we just got paid and there is no where to shop in Arcos. I had success and I was happy. We met up with our friend Andrés, who lives in Jerez, for lunch, continued shopping, and then went to merendar with Andrés and his mom. After, we relaxed for a while at home. Later, I was planning on going out. I got all ready but my plans fell through, and being all dressed up with no place to go is the worst! I decide to wait and see if I could scrounge up some plans but after an hour or so (it was after midnight) I just put on my pjs and called it a night. Around 1:15am a friend got online and wanted to go out…but he lives outside of the city a little bit and it really wasnt feasible for him to get here…so he called Jens who kindly picked me and him up, and off to The Boss we went! Spontaneity at it’s finest. Got home at 5:30, but it was a great time.

Sunday was CeCe’s birthday! We went to the tetería as usual, and it was relaxing. Kate had friends visiting so it was nice to meet them. Later on we went to get tapas for CeCers, drank a delicious wine, and had an early night in.

Monday was an errand day. I went to the post office to send Jessica a birthday card, and then went to the store to buy hair dye. When I got home I had some lunch, relaxed for a bit, and then went to Spanish class.
Later on we went out to none other than El Sitio, claro. It was an alright night, but everything closed earlier than it normally would on a weekend even though we thought it would be open late because of the holiday on Tuesday, and it was Halloween! It was probably a good thing though, because I went to bed around 4 rather than 6, and Tuesday we were going to Gibraltar.

The trip to Gibraltar was a lot of fun. For those who don’t know, Gibraltar is a British territory near the tip of Spain. It’s famous for the rock of Gibraltar, where there are some cool caves and some monkeys. The shopping street is also like one giant duty free shop. Andrés and Jens drove Nur, Moira, Veena and I, and after a lunch of fish and chips and pear cider, we spent  the beautiful 70 degree day shopping. I got Clinique eyeliner (it’s been hard to find the non-pencil kind here) and a bottle of Absolut for around 20€ which is cheaper than if I were to buy those things in Spain. I didn’t go up to the top of the rock again because I couldn’t bring myself to spend the 15€ on something I had already done, but Nur and Veena went up and in the meantime the rest of us had a coke (diet, not light!) on the Queensway Quay surrounded by yachts that were bigger than my house (no lie). I went to bed early that night because I was exhausted and it was much needed.

So that was my puente. Though it seems that really, my work week is actually a puente for my weekends…seriously. 5 days off, 2 days of work (5 hrs total) and then 3 days off…my life is so rough! Ha. I am really so lucky to be here.


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