Slow English Fast Spanish

I had a long weekend this past weekend so I had 5 days of no work. I was a little bummed to not be traveling during it because 5 days is a great amount of time for a trip, but I just couldn’t afford to go anywhere so I stayed in Arcos. Luckily my friend Kaela decided not to go to Ireland because otherwise I would have been pretty lonely. Anyways, Thursday I spend the night in because everyone was going to bed early to begin their various travels on Friday. Friday I woke up and had the house to myself. Kaela and I were going to go to the Barato (a flea market-y thing) but as we walked out our doors to go, it started raining. I decide that I should clean the house because I never do, and there wasn’t much else to do. I even mopped! And cleaned the bathroom! I am great. After cleaning I bummed around and took a nap, and later on Kaela came over and we made paper snowflakes. Then Ramón and Jens came and we had pizza, watched the Davis Cup (the tennis tourney that my roommate Nur, and friend CeCe went to), and then began a rousing game of beer pong. Ramón had never played so it was fun to teach him. We only had one ball and we were using the tiniest plastic cups ever, but we managed.

Our beer pong setup

After cleaning up, we went out to El Sitio. We were there for a drink, but then met up with some others at new bar that just opened a couple weeks ago called Gotham. It’s batman themed, and it’s pronounced “goat-ahm” although ironically the word Gotham is actually Got Ham? Anyways, we had a drink at Gotham (its a gintonería, figure that one out) but I hate gin so I stuck to my usual Barceló y Cola Light. We went home “early” (2:30) because Kaela, Ramón and I were going on an adventure the next day.

Saturday we met up around 11:45 to head to Ronda! I went to Ronda for a few hours when I studied abroad, because we stopped there on our way to Sevilla with my program, but it was cold and cloudy that day. This time it was so much better! It’s famous for having Spain’s oldest bull ring and also for this bridge that spans across Tajo canyon. Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles both spent lots of time in Ronda and wrote a lot about it as well, and there are streets named after them there.

This is the Puente Nuevo built in the mid-late 1700’s

When we arrived in Ronda, our first stop was to go visit Kaela’s old landlords, Carmen and Diego. They are great people, and as Andalusians often are,  were very hospitable offering us a “natural” wine, beer, bread, cheese, jamón, and of course a warm spot at their cozy brasero (a covered table with a heater underneath). After hanging with them for a while it was time to say goodbye to them, and to their cat which they found in the dumpster and named after Kaela last year.

Diego and Kela (not a typo), the cat

 We walked from their apartment over to the balcón de coño as Diego and Carmen liked to call it, which literally means the “oh fuck balcony” but what is actually an extremely high look out point that has wonderful views. It’s definitely scary if you’re afraid of heights.

Mi colega Ramón and I on the balcón

View of the balcón whilst standing on the Puente Nuevo

 We continued our walk around Ronda and saw beautiful sights, and ended up eating lunch at a nice little café. I was really congested so I couldn’t taste anything, but Kaela said the food was pretty good.

More beautiful views of Ronda

 Later on we met up with Kaela’s friend and walked around the city center which is adorable and makes me a little jealous that even though Ronda and Arcos have the same amount of people living in them, Ronda has wayyyyy more to do. Near the end of our walk Kaela took us here:

Sunset, pueblo blanco, spanish woman hanging laundry. 

 And then we ended our journey with this:

Sunset and some spindly trees, beautiful

Kaela and I

We headed back to Arcos to relax for a bit, and later on I met up with Kaela, her roommate and her roommates boyfriend. We went out for drinks and I had a super hard time understanding them, both Arcos born and raised, meaning their accents are absurd. I was lucky to understand about half of what they were saying. A while later my friends Fran, Rafa and Sandra met up with us (see guys, I really DO have Spanish friends! haha) and we had a few drinks with them before going home.

Sunday I decorated our house with the paper snowflakes and some red and green garland that I bought at the Chino. It’s so cute and christmasy now! Then Kaela and I went for a walk around town, a typical Arcos Sunday afternoon. We stopped on the paseo to have a couple beers, and then saw some people we knew so went to talk with them for a while. We headed home to relax for a while, and later on I went to Kaela’s to make some zucchini fries and honey mustard to bring over to my friend Sergio’s house for dinner. I spent the night there drinking and laughing and learning new words and watching music videos and other youtube videos. In all it was a lot of fun.

Yesterday I spent the day recovering. Then I invented the lentil taco and all was well with the world. I MISS MEXICAN FOOD.

Today we’re going to make some pumpkin bread (I don’t know how CeCe managed to get pumpkin, but I’m pumped) and then we’re going to watch Elf, one of my all-time favorites. I have work tomorrow, and then another long weekend. We rented a car for the weekend to go on some excursions, so check back soon to see where we wind up!!




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