Road Trip Day 2: Antequera and Olvera

Friday we ventured to Antequera and made a pit stop on the way home in Olvera.

Antequera was a nice trip. It had a Christmas-y atmosphere and the main street had lots of people and decorations. I’m sometimes jealous of other cities’ centers because there isn’t really a good center in Arcos with shops and the like. But that’s probably better for my wallet in the long run…a blessing in disguise.

The Main road in the center of Antequera

When we got to Antequera and finally found parking, we stopped for a cafe con leche and then we walked down the long street in the city center and made our way to the tourism office. The woman there gave us a map that indicated a good pedestrian path through the old town and we started on our way. The old town was pretty…meh. Not super cute and nothing to really see in terms of cute winding streets. But once we got to the part with the historical sights, it was better. There were some nice old churches and even a castle! We kept walking at made it to the mirador where there were some beautifullllll views of the city.

Trekking through the old town

Little curvy roads

View of Antequera from above

Close up of the bell tower

The church next to the castle

A juxtaposition of old and new

We wound our way back down out of the old town in search of some lunch. On the way I almost wiped out completely and now have a giant bruise on my arm to show for it. Darn sidewalks. We found a place to eat after CeCe asked a passerby, and she advised us well! The place was crowed, obviously signifying the deliciousness of its food (duhhh), but we managed to find a place to sit and eat. After eating we made our way back toward the car since we were trying to avoid driving on the perilous roads in the dark.

We were on the road heading out around 4:30 and decided to stop in Olvera on the way back to Arcos since it looked pretty from far away. We set the GPS (thanks Ramónnnnn) to Olvera (centro) so it was supposed to take us to the city center. Well, after following the GPS’s directions, driving up the sketchiest back roads possible, and the tiniest little old town roads and steep hills I’ve ever had the pleasure to traverse via automobile, we landed on the front porch of a church. Literally, in a plaza at the peak of the mountain that Olvera tumbles down. Nur and I were thoroughly amused that we had literally driven onto a plaza as our destination, but we were the only ones. Crying with laughter we got out of the car, took some pics of the town from the great viewpoint that we had, and headed back down. It took us a while to find our way out of the town but eventually we were on the road again for Arcos.

Imagine for a second, if you will, our car parked 2 ft.  in front of that front door…
on a plaza made of marble.


Look, I was actually there!

When I got home I napped, ate and then went out, obvs. Probably wasn’t my best decision ever since we were waking up early for another excursion on Saturday, but then again when do I ever pass up a night on the town in favor of sitting alone in my room…


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