Road Trip Day 3: El Bosque and Ubrique

On Saturday we headed to El Bosque, a small town about 25 mins away from Arcos, and then Ubrique, a town nestled in the middle of a ring of mountains about 45 minutes away. I felt pretty tired and shitty to say the least, but sights must be seen and rented cars must be used. Ramón, his lovely novia Ana and Kaela joined us on the journey making for a spectacular group.

When we got to El Bosque immediate coffee consumption had to be done, and it was. The we took a little walk around the town, saw the ayuntamiento (aka town hall), and returned to the car. Then we headed to Ubrique. We were meeeting up with a friend of Ana’s that she hadn’t seen in a think a couple years or something, and she found us after we parked to show us around town. We walked down a cute street with lots of leather shops (Ubrique is known for its leather), and then headed up into the old town. We walked up and up…and up. I gave Moira the task of documenting Ubrique for me because I was struggling to much to walk and take photos at the same time. In the end though, the struggle was worth it, because we got to see this spectacular view.

After taking in the views, we headed back down to have some lunch. We ate some delicious varieties of seafood and other things, and it was just so beautiful. The sun was shining, and I was glad to be sipping beer (the only cure for a hang over, right?) and chatting with buena gente in beautiful España.

After lunch I needed some serious nap time, so Ramón, Ana, Kaela and I headed back to Arcos while the other girls went to stop in a small town called Prado del Rey for some dessert.

Over all, I had  a great road tripping weekend!! I highly recommend renting a car and exploring if you can!!

(p.s. I’m going to add pictures to this post soon, but this has been lingering as a draft for weeks and I need to move on!)


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