Visiting Prague and Sedlec Ossuary

I spent the last 4 days of winter break in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague, let me tell you, is one beautiful beautiful city. Seriously. Everywhere you turn there is some architectural masterpiece to behold and despite the extreme cold (okay it wasn’t even snowing but it still chilled me to the bone), we had a great time seeing Prague. I had never seen a city whose sole livelihood is tourism, but Prague’s definitely is and it’s noticeable. Practically everyone you see there is a tourist; there are seemingly no locals. But whatever, we still enjoyed the immensely beautiful sights that lay beyond the masses of people.

We arrived to Prague late at night and got duped into an extremely expensive cab ride. We didn’t understand the conversion of their money system yet (they use “crowns” and let me tell you, withdrawing 3000 of any unit of money is enough to make anyone really really nervous) so we didnt know whether 800 crowns was a good/bad price for the cab ride from the airport. For the record, it’s a bad price. 800 crowns is approx 40€. But there was really no other option so onto the cab-ride of death we went. Our driver was crazy and was also blasting house music, so arriving at our hostel alive was a nice bonus. We stayed at Old Prague Hostel which I would definitely recommend and stay at again.

The next day we did all the touristy stuff. Went on a walking tour of the old town/jewish quarter, saw the Astronomical Clock, went in some churches, saw the shopping area, went to a Christmas market (I love that Chirstmas in Europe lasts until Jan 6th!) ate some good food, saw the Charles Bridge, etc. We were lucky and the weather was great. Cold, but sunny for the most part, which was definitely nice becuase we were outside all day.

Old Town Square
Me, there.
The Astronomical Clock
Franz Kafaka lived here, this is a tribute to him
A Statue on the Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge with the Prague Castle in the background
Colors and majesty
Kristen and I
Main shopping street
John Lennon wall
Me at the wall
Entrance to the Charles bridge, Moon glow

The next day we took a little field trip to Sedlec Ossuary, a small church in a nearby town called Kutna Hora. It was easy to buy the train tickets and find the church even though we didn’t speak a word of Czech (which left me feeling super guilty but oh well) and I think the church was definitely cool enough to be worth it. It was miserably rainy and cold, but a place like “The Bone Church” cannot be missed if you are already so close to it! After our excursion we went back to the hostel to thaw and rest. That night we did the obligatory bar crawl which was strange but overall enjoyable, I think.

Skullz. Casual.
Something like 40,000 bodies were used to make the decorations in this church
Bone Crest
Hi, there.

Our last full day in Prague had to be spent at the Prague castle. We paid about 12€ to go on a guided tour which was probably worth it, but I’ll never know because I was too busy concentrating on preserving heat and making sure my extremities didn’t fall off to really pay attention. The best part of the tour was going inside the cathedral in the castle, It had the most beautiful stained glass I have ever seen and as we now all know, I am obsessed with light and glass combinations (coughturkishlampscough). Afterwards we warmed up with hot chocolate and warm food, bought the obligatory souvenirs, and went back to the hostel for the night.

The beautiful stained glass
Can’t get enough

Our trip back to Madrid went smoothly, though it did start down pouring the minute we left the hostel to walk to the shuttle to the airport. Once I arrived back in Madrid I met up with Rachel for dinner, collected some belongings I had left at her house, and headed to the bus station to catch the bus to Jerez at midnight. 8.5 hours later I was watching the sunrise over Arcos, happy to be home, but so grateful to have seen and experienced such amazing people and places. Overall it was such an amazing trip and I feel so blessed to have been able to see a few really gorgeous places in our giant/tiny world.


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