Carnavalito and Carnaval!

Hello there!

Last weekend was the official kick-off day of the celebration of Carnaval. I recently learned that carnaval is the celebration that takes place the week before lent begins… “carna” comes form the latin word for meat/flesh, and “val” apparently means goodbye. So this “goodbye meat” celebration goes on for a week and the people are supposed to take advantage of the last few days to eat meat and… “enjoy flesh” if you get what im saying…

Anyways, in Cádiz last Saturday was a giant botellon… that means almost half a million people drinking in the streets of Cádiz dressed in costumes. I opted not to go because I was told multiple times that it turns into a disgusting mess and there is no transportation home until the morning. Instead, I stayed in Arcos to celebrate Carnavalito. Arcos celebrates the beginning of Carnaval by holding her own little fiesta up in the old town. A huge crowd of people gather up in the winding streets of the casco antiguo to drink and…yeah thats about it. Like I said, Carnaval is pretty much about drinking in costume. I dressed up as a nerd (an empollona) and luckily only saw a couple of my students. I was out until the wee hours of the morning and had a great time.

Girls dressed and ready to go out for Carnavalito!

A couple’a clowns

Sunday we went to Cádiz to see the daytime festivities. There were Coros singing in the streets, lots of people, delicious fried fish, and a beautiful sunset. All in all, a good weekend.

Sparkles and feathers… love it.

One of the singing groups on a float

Drinking in front of the cathedral

Beautiful sunset in Cádiz

 This past Saturday was Carnaval in Arcos. It began with a parade through the town… the slowest moving parade I’ve ever seen in my life. But would you expect anything more from Spain? I wouldn’t. We stood right near the end of the parade so by the time the parade got to us it was around 7:45pm… the last few floats didn’t start coming towards us until around 9:30, and by that point we had already seen about 8 other floats (yes, it did take nearly 2 hours for 8 floats to pass, you’re not doing your math wrong.), so we decided to grab some food before the real party began. After kebabs at the tetería, we headed down to the bars and there were soo many people out and it was just so much fun. I dressed as Pikachu and got lots of comments, so I think it was a success. Nights like that remind me why I love being in this small little town in Spain. As they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

The first float to pass

Floats were pulled by these

Friends at the parade!

 One of the floats…the kid on the left is one of my students

Casually perched on a fountain.


Me and Sergio

Goodbye, Carnaval season… I miss you already!


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