In like a lion, out like a lamb…?

Uh oh, sorry. It’s been a while. I’m blaming this on the fact that approximately 5 weeks ago my internet stopped working so I have been been  more disconnected from the world than I’d like. I’ve been using my roommates computer and going to the nearby internet cafe so, ya know, I’m still accessible, its just not as convenient as I would like and when I have access to the internet I usually opt for talking to people and perusing Facebook…clearly my priorities are in order.

Anyway, March was a good month! We had a few barbeques as the weather was gorgeous, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Putting out rooftop terrace to use was definitely fun, though the clean up was not. My dad also came to visit! He was here in Arcos for 4 days, and then we spent the weekend in Sevilla. It was really good to see him and to show someone what I’ve been up to since September.

Other than that, I pretty much just enjoyed Arcos. I’ve been taking a flamenco class, and that plus the extra classes I give has been keeping me busy after school. It definitely sucks to not have internet becuase I am a sucker for laying in bed on a lazy sunday and catching up on my shows, but on the bright side I’ve been reading a lot more… by this I mean I read 3.5 books in March. Check back for the details about my Semana Santa!


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