Semana Santa in Spain

Maybe you’ve heard of Semana Santa. I hadn’t until I lived in Spain. It’s basically the week leading up to Easter day. In Spain, well at least in Andalucía, Semana Santa (Holy Week) is full of processions of giant Jesuses and Marys and crosses lumbering down the streets to the sounds of a full on marching band with incense wafting through the crowds. Dont forget the hoards of hooded figures (literally, think colored KKK outfits…). It really is a sight to behold if you haven’t seen it, even if you’re not particularly religious. Maybe I just liked it because the paso of Mary was wobbling and sparkly and that makes for a real eye catcher.

Anyway, The first weekend of April was the beginning of Semana Santa and I stayed put here in Arcos. I got to sleep in a bit and enjoy the vacation-like atmosphere of Arcos. I even went to one of my teachers’ house in Jerez for lunch and a nice little tour of Jerez which I surprisingly hadn’t seen much of before despite it’s being so close.

On Monday we went to see My First Semana Santa Procession. The one we saw was called the Tres Caidas whose predominant image is Jesus crouching and bearing a cross. This paso was followed by a big Mary under a shiny canopy. Sorry I can’t be more poetic about that. Pictures below.

Tuesday Kaela and I and her friend Hannah went on a little vacay. We hopped on out Ryanair flight to Ibiza (30€ round trip!) and arrived at our hostel in time for a late dinner. We found a cute Italian place down the street which was delicious, and then headed back to the hostal to get some sleep.

Wednesday we woke up around 10 and headed out for some breakfast. There was a little café pretty much right next door to the hostal so we went there for some tostadas and cafes. Our waitress there was really helpful and told us where the bus station was and what we should do in Ibiza, and even got out the daily newspaper to see what markets were opening that week.After breakfast we walked into the center. There was a nice little artisan market where I bought myself a necklace made by an old English couple, and after that we wandered around a few plazas and found a nice place for lunch. We sat outside and the weather was sunny and warm but we saw some dark clouds rolling in. We finished up lunch and went to the tourist office to get some information about busses and ferrys and then headed to the bus station to go to another town on the island called San Antoni.  As we boarded the bus, it started hailing. Like, legitimate large balls of ice falling from the sky. It was so bizarre. The ground was covered with the stuff and it looked like there had been a dusting of snow. Of course, we passed under the cloud and when we got to San Antoni, the sun was shining and it was beautiful. Such luck! We walked down the little boardwalk thing til we got to a beach. We sat there for a while enjoying the sun and the beautiful clear (but freezinggg) water, and then put our shoes back on and headed to Café del Mar for a drink to watch the sunset. What we were not expecting was that the beverages would cost us as much as a dinner would. So we opted for the cheapest things on the menu. I got a café con leche for 4 euros (4x the cost of what it is in Arcos), and Kaela and Hannah each got a Heineken for 5.50. Absurd! Anyways, after the impatient waiter made us feel suffciently uncomfortable, we got up and headed back towards the bus station. That night we geared up to go out Ibiza style. Since it’s famous for it’s giant nightclubs, we figured that we had to go to one. In the off season they’re not all open, so we were heading to Pacha, the one that is open year round. We got all dressed and pregamed and then… ended up staying at the hostel and partying with the 2 guys that work there. It turned out to be really fun  so I don’t regret not going to the big Ibiza night scene.

Thursday we went to the hippie market near San Carlos. It was raining all day but the market had a lot of really cool stuff and I got some cute jewelry, and we had an amazing lunch at the cafe at the market. Afterwards we napped and later on we had some beverages on the hostel porch while we chatted, and then eventually we went to this Irish pub which we were told was “cheap and cheerful.” Turns out there wasn’t really anyone there except for some weird old guys from Liverpool who were pretty much impossible to understand but clearly the night was a win because I learned some Ukranian and stole a Stephen King book from the bar.

Friday morning we went and wandered around the port area which was super cute and way more Spanish looking that we thought Ibiza would be. We had a nice little lunch, went to the hostel to grab out stuff, wandered along the beach for a while, and then headed to the airport.

Saturday I had to couch surfers arrive and they were lots of fun. We cooked dinner together and went out for a few drinks and had a relaxing night. 
Sunday was Easter a.k.a. everyone drinks and 2 bulls run through the streets of Arcos. Clearly sounds like something I’m into, right? It was a beautifulllll sunny hot day after a week of rain and I had so much fun and saw lots of friends.

So now we’re back to the grind. I can’t believe there are only like 6 weeks left of work! It’s scary to think about. But I’m excited for the beach weather to get here and for more BBQs and fun days. I’ll try to document the end better, I promise!


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