Alive and Well…

I literally abandoned this project for the past 4.5 months. I’m sorry! I don’t know if people still read this or whatever, but if you are a soon-to-be new auxiliar and you found this blog, I will be updating it to document my 2nd year living in Spain!

Here’s my current situation:

I left Spain after the program ended and my best friend and I travelled around Europe for 2.5 weeks. It was the trip of a lifetime and I’m so glad that she got to experience life in my pueblo, meet my Spanish friends and boyfriend (?!) and travel the world with me! Amazing times were had. I arrived back in good ol’ Buffalo at the end of June, and have been suffering here ever since. Working a part time job, trying to revive and invigorate old friendships so I don’t die of boredom, and counting down the days til I go back to Spain (25!).

For those of you wondering about my legal status of living in Spain, I will briefly explain. This summer I didn’t get a new visa or anything, because my TIE (the card with my foreigner’s ID number on it) does not expire until October of 2012. So as soon as I return to Arcos, I’ll make a little trip over to Cádiz (the extranjeria, not the comisaria, i’m told)to renew. And I should be all set! But I mean… it’s Spanish bureaucracy so I’m expecting something will go wrong, hopefully nothing tragic! Haha.

Anyway, my next feat is getting Spanish citizenship! Thats right folks, this girl is tryna be able to legally live in Spain for as long as she wants, with or without a job as an auxiliar. There are different requirements for different circumstances, so obviously I will only speak to what I know and what applies to me. Maybe this will be helpful to someone someday because I have been mildly searching for info on getting spanish citizenship and haven’t really found many personal accounts. Here’s what I know so far…

My dad’s mother was born in Spain, my dad was born in the USA (cue Bruce Springsteen…). Since I have a grandparent who was a spanish citizen, I only need 1 year of legal residency in Spain before I can apply for citizenship. Since my 1 year will be up in October when my NIE expires, I can apply after that.

This is a REALLY helpful link (to the minsterio de justicia) with lists of info about documents that you need to apply, based on your situation. Mine is the 1 year of residency because I’m a descendiente de un español/a. Here’s the list of what I need:

-Application form- normalized and approved por la resolucion de 07/05/07 (I don’t know where to get this yet… maybe at the town hall in Arcos?)
-TIE- Have, need to renew
-Passport- Have
-Empadronamiento certificate- Need to empadronarme (basically register with Arcos town hall that I’m a resident there, once I get there)
-Birth certificate, translated and legalized- Have BC, need to get translated and legalized…hmmm.
-Proof of means of life to reside in Spain- nombramiento letter? hopefully that will be enough, even though it only covers me for this next year…
-Certified copy of grandma’s birth certificate
-Copy of dad’s birth certificate… don’t know if it needs to be certified…
Do y’all think “certified” means notarized? I hope so…
So that’s where I’m at. My aunt has my grandma’s original BC, and we just ordered my dad’s from online, cause he doesn’t know where his is. So now I have to:
-Get my BC translated and get the translation certified… how do I do this? No idea…
-Get a certified copy of my Grandma’s BC
-Get a copy of my dad’s BC (on the way!)
-Figure out where the application form is
So uh, yeah. That’s it for now! I’ll keep this going for my own record of this citizenship journey, and hopefully it will be helpful to some lost soul in the future.
Hasta prontito amigosssss!

3 thoughts on “Alive and Well…

  1. Wow, I just discovered your blog! It’s so great that you’re applying for Spanish citizenship! Lucky you, having Spanish family and all :)I hope all your paperwork goes well and that it won’t take too long, enjoy in the meantime!(and WOW, 30-hour trip! Did you get this itinerary because it was significantly cheaper than flying directly to Madrid? Or was there no better option?)


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