Citizenship Updates and more!

Here’s the current stats:

-Have my BC, getting it translated tomorrow
-Have dad’s BC, getting it translated tomorrow
-Aunt is sending Gramma’s BC
-Found the application form! This is the one if you’re applying via residency, like me: Application Form

I’ve been doing more intense research and its getting kind of… well, intense! I found this forum that has lots of info, but is very tedious to sift through cause there isn’t really a search function as far as I can tell, and its all in Spanish which takes a little extra brain power. Anyway, reading through things on there I’m getting the impression that this whole process could take up to 2 years! So I need to think long and hard about what that means for me. Do I stick it out? I need to figure out a way to stay legally another year in that case, especially because I need to provide proof of my means of living there AKA income. This is getting verrrry complicated and my brain no likey.

But first things first, I need to get through these last 15 days, figure out my packing situation, and then renew my TIE once I get there.

Did you see that?? Only 15 days left! And that’s including the day I leave. Wanna hear about my itinerary? OK.

Sept. 25 2012:
Leave Buffalo 8:00am –> Arrive in Detroit 9:26 am
Leave Detroit 10:10am–> Arrive in Newark 11:58 am
Get bags, re-check them, wait 5 hrs, fml.
Leave Newark  5:25 pm–> Arrive in Lisbon 6 hrs 55 mins later, 5:25 am
Leave Lisbon 7:05 am–>Arrive in Madrid 1 hr 10 mins later, 9:15 am
Take shuttle to train station, wait 5 hours, blahhh
Train leaves Madrid at 2:05 pm–> Arrives in Jerez at 5:20pm.
Then a 30 min car ride to Arcos.

YAY! That’s about 30 hours of travel, in case you lost count. Should be a really funnn time. But as they say, planes, train and automobiles…

My new suitcase is ready!


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