Arcos: Round 2

It’s kind of crazy how easily we can settle back into an old routine. It’s weird that less than a week ago I was at work, chopping up fruit and answering the phone calls of demanding customers, and now here I am back in Arcos, frolicking around at the feria and planning lessons for tomorrow. The trip was long but honestly not so bad. I was able to sleep the entire plane ride from Newark to Lisbon thanks to an Ambien, and even had the energy to go out for  tapas with some friends once I arrived in Arcos. Then of course it was the feria here this weekend so I got to see pretty much everyone all in one place while we danced and drank and were merry. It was kind of a tease though, because two of my friends from last year came to visit cause they aren’t in Arcos anymore and they left this morning and now I have to imagine Arcos life without them. And another good friend of mine is moving next week. So I need to step it up here, since it seems that currently there are only two other auxiliares in Arcos this year!

But so far, so good! It doesn’t feel like theres much to report back about. I finally have “internet” at my house… its a little USB “pendrive” thing and I have no idea how many MBs of internet I get to use before it starts moving at the speed of a turtle, but I’m just going to pretend that using it incessantly is okay, because I havent really had an internet connection in like 4 days. #firstworldproblems

Tomorrow, *fingers crossed* I will be getting a Spanish SIM card for my iPhone so that I can start using whatsapp and be connected to the world again. That is, as long as my trip to the extranjería goes as planned and I don’t get stuck in Cádiz for hours or something… So, xao for now amigos!!!!



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