NIE Renewal in Cádiz, Andalucía

Sorry to those of you who aren’t auxiliares, this post will probably bore you and make no sense. But I’m documenting it here for future auxiliares because clearly the junta can’t just make it easy for us and put some instructions up on a website somewhere.

For those who don’t know, this is my 2nd year as an auxiliar. I live in the Cádiz province, so I’m only speaking on behalf of 2nd year American renewing auxiliares in Cádiz.

So first of all, I took the bus to Cádiz, arriving bright and early (wasn’t actually bright, it was dark most of the bus ride) to the bus station. Los Amarillos bus station in Cádiz is at the train station, which I found out today. Anyway, for renewals, you have to go to the Oficina de extranjeros and NOT the COMISARIA DE POLICIA.  Bueno. The extranjería is on C/ Acacias, right near the entrance to the old town center. If you’re walking towards the center (the old town) down avda. de Andalucía, c/ Acacia is parallel on the right side, just one street over. If you reach the giant stone arch entrance to the old town at the end of avda. de Andalucía, you’ve gone to far. The office is in a building that belongs to the government… I thinkkkk it was the ministerio de trabajo or… ministero social…. or something like that. Enter through the front door, and after passing through a metal detector you’ll be directed to the right where the extranjería is.

Once you go in you need to press a button to get a number. They gettin’ all fancy up in Cádiz. I think for anything related to getting your NIE you’ll press the green button which will result in you getting a B number rather than an A number which is great because mostly everyone has A numbers. Then when you are called you need:

– a photocopy of every single page in your passport
– a photo copy of your TIE
– Modelo Solicitud ex-00 (you can just get one there and fill it out, or print it from online and bring it with you)
-carta de nombramiento that documents your pay and health insurance
-16,32 Euros

You give all those things to the person at the desk, they type a bunch of stuff in the computer, you sign some things, and then he gives you 3 papers to take to any bank along with your money. You take the papers to the bank, sign them, give the bank the money, they stamp your papers, and you bring the papers back to the extranjería, y ya esta. You have up to 10 days to pay the tasa and return the stamped papers, but just git’r’done that day if you can, much easier.

Don’t do what I did and forget your passport. Que tontaaaa. Now I have to go back to show them my passport ASAP cause I think they won’t start to process my renewal without it. So I’m going back sometime soon (bye bye 13 euros of bus fare) because of my stupid mistake.

That’s basically it! I was done by 9:30am (I was the 3rd one in line after arriving at the office 20 minutes before it opens at 9:00am). So I walked around the center, had un cafelito and of course a tostada con tomate cause its effing delish, and then met up with my friend to walk around a bit more. Then caught the bus back home at 12:15 to get back to Arcos to prepare for my first day of classes at the academy. This is gunna be a long year.



6 thoughts on “NIE Renewal in Cádiz, Andalucía

  1. Hey Chelsea! I’m a first year in Cordoba this year and am thinking about renewing for next year! If I stay in Andalucia, but switch provinces, do you know if I would have to go to the new region or could I do it in Cordoba!? Thanks so much for posting this! I really don’t want to go back to the USA and get a new visa, so just trying to figure out how to do so!


    • Hey Jon! Hope you’re enjoying your first year… seems like you are since you’re planning on renewing! I think you may have to do the renewal in your new region, though I do remember reading in last years facebook groups that some cities’ comisarías/extranjerías let people start the renewal in the “old” region. In any case, you definitely won’t have to go home and get a new visa, as long as you have your new placement letter. It may be possible to do your NIE renewal in Cordoba since you’re staying in Andalucía, but it will honestly depend on the person who you ask. If it’s easy, I’d go to your extranjería in Cordoba where you did your NIE this year and ask them if you’ll be able to start the renewal there. I switched from Andalucía to Extremadura and Cádiz told me I had to do the renewal in Extremadura so I had to take a little trip in August before I actually moved here. I hope this helps! Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time and you wont be able to do anything until you get your new nombramiento letter which won’t be until like… May. All the best!


  2. Hi there! Your blog is so helpful. I’m an auxiliare in a different region who’s renewed for a second year. I’ll be in Andalusia next! But my current TIE expires on May 31. I’m a little confused by the whole renewal process. Did you have to make an appointment at your extranjeria or could you just show up? And do you know if I can start the renewal after the card has expired? I don’t have an empadronamiento for my province (Cordoba).


    • Hi!

      When I renewed my card, I had to do the process in my new region. If you’re in Cordoba now but moving to Cádiz, you’ll have to travel to Cádiz to start the process. In Cádiz there are no appointments, you just go in and take a number and wait. It’s best to try to get there early cause they close at 2:00 and lots of people around this time are porbably going to renew. In cádiz you dont need an empadronamiento, but it varies by province so you’ll want to make sure with the extranjería office of your new province. You are allowed to renew until 90 days after your card expires, so it looks like you’ll have until the end of August to renew yours. I hope that helps! Good luck.


  3. Hi Chelsea, I was just assigned to la Jarcia in Puerto Real in the Cádiz region! Since it’s so close, I’m planning to live in Cádiz and commute 20 mins to school every day. I’d love to hear any opinions or advice you could give me!


    • That sounds like a good plan if the commute is so short!I’ve never even heard of La Jarcia, so it’s probably pretty small. If thats the case its likely that other teachers do the same and you’ll be able to carpool with them. If you get in touch with your school it wouldn’t hurt to ask! Just keep in mind that school just ended for the children this week so teachers are wrapping things up and it’s likely you won’t get a response for quite a while. Good luck!


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