Sometimes things just don’t make sense to me. That “sometimes” turns into an “oftentimes” when I am in Spain. As much as I love Spain and it’s people, there are somethings that will always make me laugh and/or roll my eyes and/or sigh. This is a work in progress. Here are some examples (keep in mind I’m writing these in English but they occur in Spanish). (All of the following are not the same people, FYI).

Convo between my Spanish Friend, his American GF, and me.

SF: Do you want yogurt for dessert?
Me: Oh, no thanks, I’m so full!
SF: Are you sure?
Me: I’m Sure.
AGF: I don’t want yogurt, I’m going to have ice cream.
SF: Chelsea, do you want an ice cream?
Me: No, I’m good for now, really.
SF: SGF, get Chelsea an ice cream when you get one.
Me: No seriously, not necessary!
AGF: (returns from kitchen and sits on couch with her ice cream)
SF: (seriously annoyed) SGF, why didn’t you get Chelsea one?!
AGF: Omg, you want one? I’m sorry!
Me: No seriously, I really don’t want one I’m so full!
SF: (seriously peeved 10 mins later after washing dishes) Here, which one do you want, white chocolate or milk chocolate.
Me: (blank stare) Ummm. Ok. Milk chocolate I guess. Omg I’m gunna explode.
My tastebuds: (rejoice!)
My stomach: (explode!)
my SF: (Sits on couch to watch TV, satisfied at being a good host.)

I’ve had a cold the past few days.

SF: Do you have water?
Me: Yeah, in the fridge, you can go get it.
SF: (returns with water, drinks some) No wonder you’re sick!!! Your drinking water is too cold!
Me: (blank stare).

Me: Yeah, I have a cold.
SF: Have you gone to the doctor???!?!
Me: uh…… Wellm I mean, it’s only a cold.
SF: You have to take pills!!
Me: …Okay.

More to come, these are just the ones that have occurred in the past 4 days.

Love my life 🙂


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