Temple Run

So I recently discovered Temple Run. Okay, okay, so I’d heard of it before. Maybe I’d even seen someone play or something. But my extreme boredom in the teacher’s lounge yesterday at school led me to begin browsing the App Store for a game to fill the void that was left by Plants vs. Zombies when I beat it many months ago.

So I downloaded Temple Run and LogosQuiz. Oh boy, what have I done?? Did I mention that on Monday I also got wifi in my house and haven’t stopped watching Dexter ever since? Let me just say that whatever semblance of productivity that was left in my life, has now vanished into a black hole of murderers wearing bull costumes, yellow coins and fire belts, and endless logos whose names are on the very tip of my tongue.

So what does all of this mean? Well, nothing, exactly. However, my new addiction to Temple Run has led me to start comparing the game to my life. It really is rather fitting. Here I am, running along, everyday the same. Sometimes I stumble over a root, some days I collect an abundance of coins, sometimes a have to make the quick decision whether to slide under he skull-rope or jump over it, and sometimes I can’t make the turns fast enough and I fall of the edge. But the game restarts again and those evil mutant monkeys are chasing me once again… And it never ends! Can you ever beat Temple Run? Does the guy ever make it to the temple?? Or is he doomed to be running for his life forever as he runs faster and faster and each turn comes quicker than the one before?

I kind of feel like the temple runner. I’m just going and going with no goal in sight. I can only ever see a few meters into the distance. I guess the mystical “temple” is there somewhere… In the form of a successful adulthood with a job that I love and a family etc. but I can’t see how to get there. I keep making turns, collection coins, ducking under fire and hopping over roots, but It doesn’t seem like I’m making any progress toward reaching the temple.

So where so I go from here? I only have my life planned until June. And then what? I really have no idea. I love living in Spain and I like teaching English. But could I really do a third year as an auxiliar? At this point, I don’t think I could handle it. And it might not be possible anyway given the logistics of this program. So I guess now comes the hard part… Making a decision and sticking with it. I mean, living abroad there isn’t much room for last minute decisions given the price of plane tickets and the need to take care of the legality of living in a foreign county. So what do I do?? For now, I’ll just keep running towards the temple.



One thought on “Temple Run

  1. Preach, girl. Even though I have a job and an “adult life,” I still feel like I’m running toward the temple to figure out what my next step is. And you should do what all 20-somethings do when they’re not sure what’s next (according to everything I read on Thought Catalog), just move to New York City and figure it out (actually, I don’t recommend this at all…)


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