Thanksgiving in Spain

As I really hope you know, Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Spain. If you are surprised by this news, think again about the reason why we celebrate Thanksgiving and get back to me. This uniquely American holiday is only celebrated in the good ol’ US of A. I got to tell the story of Thanksgiving at least 4 times last Thursday. Of course I had to work all day long, so rather than teaching English, I taught Thanksgiving. It was actually good because I got to brush up on my Thanksgiving knowledge and I fine-tuned my Powerpoint  making skills. Did you know that the pilgrims probably didn’t even eat turkey on the first Thanksgiving? I read that it was more likely that they ate seafood like lobster, and maybe even seal, at their big meal… I mean I guess that makes sense… the Massachusettes coast is rich in seafood. Did you also know that Abe Lincoln was the president who officially declared Thanksgiving to be a national holiday? I didn’t. You learn something new everyday!

My two apple pies!

Anyway, I was almost Thanksgiving-less because my 2 American friends here work at the same language academy and the academy was having a thanksgiving dinner for the staff who work there. But I was invited along as a date/out of pity and was very grateful. The meal was delicious and the company was even better. It feels good to be so happy in a place where a mere 14 months ago I didn’t know a soul. Now I know and care about enough people here for not only one, but two Thanksgivings! Thursday was round one. It was great; we had delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with American marshmallows, and great rice dish, and I made apple pie! It was my first attempt ever at baking a pie, and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Thanksgiving: Round 1

Then, on Saturday, some new friends invited us to Thanksgiving: Round 2. Equally as amazing, and refreshing to not be the only three Americans celebrating the holiday. Again, great turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry suace (!!!), sweet potatoes, so much wine, and even….PUMPKIN PIE!!! So great. And I even got a doggy bag to take home so I had Thanksgiving: Round 3 for lunch the next day. Hehe!

Thanksgiving: Round 2
New friends and old friends at Thanksgiving: Round 2. Look, they even decorated!!! How adorable!

Anyway, I couldn’t be MORE thankful this year. Great friends, a job, an apartment, food… the list goes on. How was everyone else’s Thanksgiving?


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Spain

  1. Great story! Glad to see that you enjoyed thanksgiving in Spain. Small mistake in your text: USA is not the only country to celebrate thanksgiving. Cheers!


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