Sweeping Generalizations and My Daily Amusement

Sometimes my job in the morning can be a little boring. Good thing I have gems like these to keep me going.

“Public” pronounced “pyoo-blick”

“Let’s see” pronounced “lexie”

Children singing Bon Jovi

LMFAO pronounced “lim fow”

Peeling oranges, pears and apples with a knife. Always. (Am I the only one who thinks this is overkill? Oranges are totally peealable by hand and apples don’t even need to be peeled…)

Now for the sweeping generalizations. Here it is. Spanish people are like sheep, and not many stray from the flock. Now I’ll try to defend my opinion, and qualify it. I suppose I should say that Andalusian people who are from small towns are like sheep, becuase I guess that’s my expertise. But I’m gunna be general to keep it feeling edgy and controversial. Heehee!! Anyway, The Spanish people I’ve encountered thrive on tradition. The way they have always done something is the only way to do it, because thats what their mothers taught them, and that’s just how it is.The way they eat something is the best way to eat it. Tea before lunch??? You must be crazy. Eggs for breakfast??? What are you thinking?? You’re not wearing a scarf but your throat is feeling a bit sore?? Well now it will never get better! You can’t walk around the house barefoot. Turtlenecks are still acceptable and encouraged. Beer is a daytime drink only. Pumpkin… as part of a dessert?? Ew! All American restaurants have Hamburgers the size of a plate, right? And every meal comes with a 2 liter of pop, doesn’t it? And let’s not forget that crimped hair is still totally in style…

And despite all those little things that that make me say “what the eff…?” and laugh to myself or shake my head, I can’t complain. I know so many great people here and have so much to be grateful for. And now that the rainiest month of Spain’s history (okay maybe an exaggeration) is over, the weather is beautiful and my sweaters are going away for a while. Did I mention the sunsets I catch on my roof? *sighhhh* I’m feliz como un lombriz.


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