Destination: Gent

Last summer I took a two-week long trip with one of my best friends in the whole world. One of the quick stops on our trip was to the adorable city of Gent in Belgium. We only had one quiet night there but our lodging in Gent was the best of our entire two week trip, and even cold and cloudy, Gent was adorable. We stayed in the Bon Vivant, a boatel (hotel on a boat!) that was super cozy and felt like home. Although it was not right in the center it was easy to find from the train station and it was a short walk to the center as well.

Gent Boatel Bon Vivant- Andalucia Bound

The Bon Vivant boatel… doesn’t look like much on the outside but it was seriously amazing!

Gent, Belgium  Bon Vivant Living Room- Andalucia Bound

The living and dining rooms of the Bon Vivant… so cozy!

Walking around the center of town renders amazing views of tons of medieval architecture, beautiful churches and lovely canals. Sights such as the St. Nicholas church, the Belfry, and the Gravensteen castle can’t be missed.

Gent, Blegium Historical Center- Andalucia Bound

From left to right: the old post office, St. Nicholas Church, and the Belfry

Gent Canal- Andalucia Bound

A beautiful canal in the town center

Gent Search and Destroy- Andalucia Bound

Part of a city-wide art exhibit

Gent Square- Andalucia Bound

A beautiful square with lots of restaurants

After walking around and seeing all the sights you’ll probably want a nice cold Belgian beer. We found a cafe called Zenon (girl of the 21st century, anyone?) and were hoping for a fun atmosphere but it seemed that there were no people to be found anywhere! I mean, it was pretty cold and rainy but it was strange how empty everything seemed. Until we walked by the town’s Irish pub and realized that Ireland was playing in the Euro Cup and apparently the entire town of Gent plus every English speaker in the area packed into this bar to cheer on the team.

Gent Bel Beer- Andalucia Bound

A nice cold one

After less than 24 hours we had to move on from Gent… places to go, you know the saying. Don’t worry though, we didn’t leave without a Belgian waffle… I think I’ll be back.

Gent Belgian Waffle- Andalucia Bound

Nom sauce



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