Destination: Vienna

This past winter was my second away from home for the holidays but also my second spent traveling! After spending time in Krakow, Poland, a great friend of mine and I spent New Year’s Eve in Vienna (Wien), Austria (not Australia) and it was seriously the best New Year’s Eve of my life!! I highly recommend that anyone who decides to travel this winter ring in the new year in this beautiful and lively city. Though two days definitely isn’t enough (especially if you’re hungover really tired during one of them), definitely go for any amount of time if you get the chance.

Being New Year’s, my friend and I wanted to make sure we did it right, but we also didn’t want to spend a lot of money buying drinks at a giant club packed with sweaty people. We decided instead to have some drinks in our hostel (Wombats Naschtmarkt, I liked it) before heading out and to save some additional cash we grabbed some sausages from a vendor on the street which were like… the best EVER.

Vienna Hot Dog Sign

Bratwurst dick, anyone?

Wanna know what else was the best ever? SO MUCH LIVE MUSIC IN THE STREETS!! Obviously this is because it was New Year’s Eve, but seriously,  amazing live music.  Rock bands with violins, Viennese waltzes and more. The center was packed with people (normally this would be overwhelming but luckily we were too intoxicated  excited to care) and there was so much music and so many lights and good vibes. Somehow, NYE always gets put up on a pedestal and never lives up to expectations. Thats pretty much always been the case for me, anyways (though I always end up having a great time). But in Vienna, in front of the glorious St. Stephan’s Church, a women’s violin rock group jammed out and the crowd was loving it and we were too.


Vienna New Years Eve Lights- Andalucia Bound

Entering the ruckus

Vienna New Years Eve Violinists- Andalucia Bound

Violinists rocking out in front of St. Stephan’s Cathedral

Vienna Me New Years Eve- Andalucia Bound

Totally enjoying the band that promptly switched to classical music as we Viennese waltzed in the new year

After a raucous night, the next morning we tramped around the fairly lifeless city (no wonder after the way those Austrians partied the night before!) in hopes of seeing as much as we could see. I’m going to blame being really hungover tired for the fact that I unfortunately didn’t take many great photos . It was also so colddddddd and my gloved fingers couldn’t handle picture taking. However we did see a lot of beautiful things, here are some of them!


Vienna Me St. Charles Church- Andalucia Bound

In front of St. Charles Church

Vienna Belvedere- Andalucia Bound

The Belvedere Museum


Vienna Belvedere Grounds- Andalucia Bound

The grounds of the Belvedere

Vienna Belvedere Ceilings- Andalucia Bound

Ceilings inside the Belvedere… right before I got yelled at for taking the picture



Vienna St Stephans Cathedral Outside- Andalucia Bound

Outside of the giant St. Stephan’s Cathedral (Stephansdom)

Vienna St. Stephans Cathedral Inside- Andalucia Bound

Inside the Stephansdom… I don’t know why they were projecting beautiful colors everywhere but I’m SO glad they were!

Vienna Opera House Night- Andalucia Bound

The famous Wien Opera House

Vienna Rathaus- Andalucia Bound

The Wien Rathaus aka the city hall

Vienna Rathaus Patio- Andalucia Bound

The Rathaus front porch… totally Harry Potter!

As you may know, Vienna is famous for it’s classical music and dancing. I kind of knew that before we went, but didn’t arrive set on seeing a concert or performance. However, a man in a traditional cape and other costume-y garb accosted us and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse (two tickets for 50 euros) and while I would have said thanks but no thanks, my friend had other ideas and we ended up buying the tickets to a performance for that night. A word to the wise: don’t do it! If you see a costumed man outside the Rathaus, his concerts are not worth your time. I mean, the music itself wasn’t bad, but the combination of the music, dancers, and terrible venue (plus the fact that there was a mandatory one euro coat check and we didn’t have enough cash between the two of us to even check our two coats) made for a hilarious and memorable performance, though maybe not for the right reasons. I’d like to quote myself, if I may, from my travel journal so that you can get a peek into my authentic reactions. “Went to concert, which was not great. Awkward concert hall, mandatory coat check, awkward male singer with expressive eyebrows, extremely happy male dancer.”

Vienna Concert- Andalucia Bound

Yes, folks, there was a parasol involved.

Though we only had about 40 hours to explore the lovely city of Wien, and though we didn’t see nearly enough of it, I left with a really nice impression and know I’ll be back someday to visit all of the sights we didn’t have time to see/were closed because it was New Year’s Day. And to think we almost didn’t go! I’ll leave you with the following quote (from the movie Vertigo) that I saw in an art exhibit in an art museum we visited that I totally love.

Vienna Wander Quote- Andalucia Bound

Wander. Go somewhere. See the world!


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