A Castle and a Monkey in Heidelberg, Germany

Before I bought my train ticket to Heidelberg, I had never heard of the place. “Sounds German,” I replied when one of my best friends mentioned it as a potential destination while were planning our two-week long Eurotrip. Turns out, it is German and she told me that a couple people had mentioned to her how great Heidelberg was and she really wanted to go. I wasn’t hard to convince; give me a new unknown place for which I have no expectations and I’m good to go!

Turns out Heidelberg was my FAVORITE city we visited on our seven destination trip! It was charming and adorable, we stayed in an amazing hostel, and there was a castle involved. Boom.

Though getting from Brussels to Heidelberg was NOT easy (basically due to our lack of attention to detail and a bit of ignorance), getting from the train station in Heidelberg to our hostel was a breeze (just catch bus number 33!). Unfortunately we lost about 5 hours of precious exploration time due to our poor planning of transportation to Heidelberg, but when got to our hostel it was only 6:00pm so we still had time. We checked into the Lotte Backpacker’s hostel which was amazing, and the woman working at the front desk was super helpful and gave us a map and even marked down different places to eat according to the type of cuisine!

My favorite part of Heidelberg was all of it’s little quirks. Besides having a beautiful brown castle tucked up on a lush green hill, the city center boasted colorful pedestrian streets, interesting statues, a fun nightlife and is also home to the oldest university in Germany. Even though it was cool and rainy our whole time there, it didn’t stop us from totally enjoying our short but sweet visit.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

Heidelberg Lotte Kitchen- Andalucía Bound

The wonderfully adorable kitchen of the Lotte Backpacker’s

Heidelberg Kornmarkt- Andalucía Bound

Kornmarkt, the plaza where our hostel was, It’s the yellowish building on the little street tucked in the back.


Heidelberg Holy Ghost Church- Andalucía Bound

Right around the corner from out hostel was the Marktplatz, the main town square with the town hall and the beautiful Church of the Holy Ghost.

Heidelberg Alley- Andalucía Bound

A colorful side street off of the Marktplatz

Heidelberg Arch- Andalucía Bound

I can’t remember what this arch is called but it was really beautiful

Heidelberg House- Andalucía Bound

Wandering around we saw so many quaint little houses!

Heidelberg Old Bridge Gate- Andalucía Bound

The gate to the Old Bridge at night

Heidelberg Uni Library- Andalucía Bound

The library of the University of Heidelberg

One of my favorite things about Heidelberg was the statues that were strewn about the streets. These are my favorites:

Heidelberg Monkey- Andalucía Bound

The monkey has been a symbol of Heidelberg since as far back as the 1400’s. The original monkey statue no longer exists; this one was created in 1979.

Heidelberg Monkey Mask- Andalucía Bound

The statue is made to be a mask! The circle he’s holding is supposed to be a mirror so you can laugh at yourself, and touching the mirror is supposed to bring you wealth (I’m still waiting). I was too tall to fit in there like a normal person.

Heidelberg Mice- Andalucía Bound

These little guys were next to the monkey… supposedly touching them assures you’ll have many children. Aren’t they precious?

Heidelberg Statue- Andalucía Bound

I loved this statue with the gorgeous view behind it. My interpretation is that it’s of people standing on the Earth.

The one thing you can’t miss in Heidelberg is the castle, overlooking the old town of Heidelberg like a page ripped out of a fairytale. You can take a funicular up, or your can go the free route and walk up the cobble stoned Burgweg street, the street where our hostel was! It’s about a ten minute walk up a fairly steep path, but if I can do it, you can do it. The castle is mostly in disrepair, with only one functioning room where special events are sometimes held. However, the courtyard occasionally acts as a venue for theatre performances and small concerts. My favorite part of the castle, though, were the amazing views! I’m kind of glad it was a drizzly day… it made the landscape seem totally mystical.

Heidelberg Landscape Cannon- Andalucía Bound

Climbing up to the castle afforded us some spectacular views of the other side of the river.

Heidelberg Landscape Valley- Andalucía Bound

Clouds dipping into the lush green valley

Heidelberg City Center- Andalucía Bound

The old town as seen from the castle

Heidelberg Castle Courtyard- Andalucía Bound

The courtyard of the castle

Heidelberg Castle Lauren and I- Andalucía Bound

Though the views from the castle were amazing, my personal favorite perspective was from the other side of the Old Bridge. It was all of the pretty things squished together in one view like a perfect post card. I loved it.

Heidelberg Landscape from below- Andalucía Bound

In love with this view!

Heidelberg Castle from afar- Andalucía Bound

Lovely Castle

Heidelberg Bridge and Center- Andalucía Bound

I would absolutely go back to Heidelberg if I had the chance. We were only there for two too short days and I was so sad to leave to head to Paris. Have you ever planned a trip to go somewhere you’d never heard of and then fallen in love with it? Tell me everything!

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2 thoughts on “A Castle and a Monkey in Heidelberg, Germany

  1. Yes!! I totally had this experience with Kraków a few years ago! My boyfriend and I took a Eurotrip in summer of 2010 and since he’s Polish we had to visit his family in Warsaw, and then he also was adamant about going to Kraków. I didn’t know much about Poland in general besides him telling me how great it was and I just figured he was biased. So I wasn’t super excited about spending a week out of a 3 week trip there (I was more excited for Prague and to return to Budapest), but I absolutely fell in love with Kraków! I loved the squares, people, delicious and cheap food, history (awesome castle!!!) , and just the whole feel of it. We were only there for a few days but I know I’ll be back! I was not expecting to love it so much at all. I think it’s almost better when you don’t know much about a place going in because then you don’t have a preconceived of what its gonna be like, and you can enjoy it for what it actually is! Great post!


    • That’s so funny, Sam! I actually had the same exact experience in Krakow, too this past winter!! I wrote a post about it in May before I started taking this blog as seriously, and I need to go back to edit the post and rave about it more because out of the three places we went on that trip (Krakow, Vienna and Budapest) Krakow was definitely my favorite!

      Heidelberg was just like that too.. sweeps you off your feet! Maybe you’ll get a chance to go this year 😉

      Glad you liked the post, thanks so much for reading!


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