Auxiliar Spotlight: Expectations- Stacey

Introduce yourself!

Hii! I’m Stacey from Philly – West Philly born and raised to be exact! I recently finished my undergraduate degree at East Stroudsburg University with a BA in Spanish and Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. I turned 22 in August which makes me a proud Lioness (Leo haha) I’ll be living/teaching in a small town in Murcia called Jumilla. Its known for its sweet wine – looking forward to trying it!

Haha… now I have the Fresh Prince theme song stuck in my head! So, why did you decide to do the Auxiliares de Conversación program?

I first visited Spain last year as a part of the study abroad program at my university. I instantly fell in love with the culture, lifestyle and food. When my Spanish professor mentioned to the class about the opportunity to return for a longer period, there was no way to pass this up. Moreover, I want to become bilingual and use my knowledge of the Spanish culture to help me better communicate with others. Living in Spain for eight months will be a huge help!

Sounds just like me! Do you have any teaching experience, or experience working with kids?

I have experience dealing with my little cousins but none in an actual classroom. I enjoy the kiddies though – the good ones.

Haha this should be a good learning experience then. So, there are lots of rumors that float around about the pros and cons of the program. What have you heard? Does it worry you?

Pros would definitely be being able to travel and meeting a lot of different people, being independent – living on my own and living in SPAIN. The one con that scares me is being paid late. My region is working to make sure we are paid on time this year but you never know what could happen.

I’m worried about payment issues too. But what are you most excited about in regards to the program and about living in Spain?

I’m most excited about what I’ll learn within the culture and also what I’ll learn about myself. And advancing my level of speaking Spanish.

What are you most nervous about? What do you think will be the biggest challenge?

Getting home sick and falling out of love with my experience would be nerve wracking. I would hate if this program was a totally miss for me. I have so much hope and really pray this is an awesome experience. My biggest challenge will be living on my own – paying my own bills – cooking my own dinner at every night. I mean, I did a few of these things in college but that was 2 hours away from home. This time I’ll be an 8 hour plane ride – alone with no family. I don’t want to fail at that.

You already made the decision to come here which is the hardest and bravest part, girl! Props.What are you expecting to learn while in Spain?

I’m expecting to learn more about the culture. The last time I was in Spain, I stayed for 3 weeks and that was just a tease if you’re trying to get a real experience of a culture different from your own. So this time around and with 8 months – I’m sure I’ll have learnt much and use it to hopefully better myself.

Absolutely. Are you familiar with Spain and Spanish culture? What do you think you’ll teach Spaniards about you’re culture?

Yes – I’m a bit familiar. I secretly want to teach the kiddies “Don’t drop that thun thun thun” Haha just kidding, but I want to inform them about life in The States and show them what a typical day in my life is like.

That would be amazing… make sure you record it! Thanks so much for participating Stacey!

Auxiliar Spotlight: Expectations is a series of interviews with fellow auxiliares. The interviews are about the auxiliar’s expectations of the program and his or her expectations of the experience in Spain. At the end of the academic year the same participants will do a follow up interview to reflect on his or her experience and to summarize how accurate previous expectations were and final thoughts on the program. Be sure to follow along!


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