My First Day as an Auxiliar

My alarm goes of at 7:00am. I spring awake and get that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Today’s my first day on the job as an auxiliar and I have NO idea what I’m doing.

‘What did I get myself into?’ I ask myself. I take a deep breath, slip on the flip flops beside my bed, and head to the bathroom to take a shower and amp myself up. After 2 minutes the water is still running cold and I’m confused and annoyed. And then I remember…’shitthe bombona.’ I trudge down to the kitchen and sure enough, the flame has gone out. It’s a struggle but finally it lights up.

After the shower I peek into My closet. ‘I hate all my clothes.’ I finally settle on an outfit thats comfortable and casual and head to the kitchen, this time for some cereal. 15 minutes later I arrive at the bus stop for the bus to take me to the suburb where my school is. After 20 minutes pass I’m getting nervous… schools starts in 15 minutes!  I suck it up and ask someone when the bus comes, and they tell me once an hour at a quarter past. Shit. I’m going to be late for my first day.

Finally the bus comes and I pay the 95 cents. The bus rumbles down the tortuous roads and I wonder if I’ll know when to get off. Eventually there’s a stop outside a small shopping center and I figure the school must be close. After wandering around for 5 minutes I don’t see it so I ask the next person I see, a little old lady shrouded in all black in the scorching sun,  ‘dónde está el colegio?’  She points me on my way.

And then I arrive. There’s a big black gate with a doorbell. I press it once and nothing happens. A second time. ‘Si?’ says the voice inside the box. ‘Um, soy Chelsea la auxiliar’

Bzzzzzzzz. The door clicks open.

I wander around and eventually find a person. The short sentence ‘busco María Eugenia’ seems to have an effect as I am now being led down the hall way to María Eugenia’s classroom.

She’s busy teaching, so she hands me my schedule and explains where the different grades are located in the school. I head of to the first class and knock apprehensively on the door. ‘Sorry I’m late.’ 

The rest is a whirlwind of Spanish names and smiling children. Juan José, Antonio Luis, Miguel Angel, Alicia, Lucía, Estrella, Marta. I certainly won’t remember them all but I have time.

I introduce myself and talk a little bit about the things I like as 25 confused pairs of eyes stare back at me. ‘This is gunna be interesting…’ In fact, this happens 3 more times before the final (alarmingly loud) bell rings and it’s time for everyone to go home. Swarms of kids swirl around me as I wait for my ride outside of the front door. “Hello! Chelsea!” 

“That wasn’t so bad,’ I think to myself. Based on how hundreds of parents and children alike are staring at me as I walk with my co-worker to the car for a ride home, I conclude that I’m basically a celebrity. That’s why they’re staring, right? Either way, these kids are pretty cute. I can do this for a year, right?


How was your first day as an auxiliar? Did you feel prepared? Did your coordinator help you or did you kind of have to fend for yourself. Tell me all about it in the comments!




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