Auxiliar Spotlight: Expectations- Molly

Introduce yourself!

Hi! My name is Molly, and I am from Georgia (hey y’all). I majored in Spanish and history at the University of Georgia. I love peanut butter and hate olives. I’ll be teaching at CEIP de Escarabote in Boiro, Galicia.

Hate olives?! Actually, I did too… Spain changes things. So, why did you decide to do the Auxiliares de conversation program?

There are four main reasons I decided to do the Auxiliar program. First of all, while I can read and write Spanish decently, my speaking ability leaves much to be desired. Second, I want to get a flavor for teaching. Third, I would love to take advantage of the opportunity to do a lot of traveling. And finally, I’m procrastinating deciding what to do with my future.

Haha sounds EXACTLY like me. Do you have any teaching experience, or experience working with kids?

I have close to no teaching experience, which I am definitely nervous about. I’ve subbed for friends who teach first-grade Sunday School, and was slightly traumatized by the experience. Children can be fearsome.

That’s hilarious, children can definitely be scary. So, there are lots of rumors that float around about the pros and cons of the program. What have you heard? Does it worry you?

I’ve heard there have been a lot of issues with communication and timely payments. Thankfully, I’ve heard Galicia is great about paying on time and communicating with auxiliars, so I’m not too worried. On the positive end of things, I’ve heard the program allows some pretty incredible opportunities to travel and make friends. To me, those advantages way outweigh the negatives!

Yeah, I agree. What are you most excited about in regards to the program and about living in Spain? 

There’s so much to be excited about! I’m excited to meet the teachers and kids at my school, as well as other auxiliars. I’m excited to be able to travel so easily throughout Spain and the rest of Europe. I’m excited to learn Spanish and eat Spanish food and breathe Spanish air.

Yeah there are so many opportunities to travel! What are you most nervous about? What do you think will be the biggest challenge?

I’m mostly concerned about being lonely and broke. Especially the lonely part. It’s weird to just pick up and move without knowing anyone at your destination. I know it just takes some putting yourself out there, but it’s hard not to be nervous. And of course, communication is an issue. My Stutter Spanish is not going to be a pretty sight. Humiliation is inevitable.

Humiliation is definitely inevitable, but you’ll meet people who are in the same boat. What are you expecting to learn while in Spain?

Spanish, I should hope. And Spanish culture. But I also expect to learn a lot about myself. One of the most important things I learned from studying abroad in college is that being abroad changes you. I grew a lot on a personal level when I studied abroad, and I’m sure that will happen as an auxiliar too.

It certainly will… I’m definitely not the same person I was when I came here two years ago! Are you familiar with Spain and Spanish culture? What do you think you’ll teach Spaniards about your culture?

Having majored in Spanish, I know a fair amount about Spain and Spanish culture, but I’m sure my knowledge hardly scratches the surface. I’m excited to see how what I’ve learned stacks up against real life. Among other things, I’ll probably share about our holidays, food, and music, and cultivate some Bulldawg fans while I’m at it.

Sounds good, Molly! Thanks so much for participating. I can’t wait to hear about your experience in Galicia!


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