Adjusting to life in Mérida and my Expats Blog interview!

After a week long hiatus (still no internet in my apartment but we’re working on it) I’ve finally got a free half-hour to do an update about the beginning of my third year as an auxiliar.

I’m in Mérida! I arrived here last Sunday with my boyfriend and mere hours later he had to return to Arcos because he had work on Monday (yay work, boo 3.5 hour drive!) and I was left a bit lonely and without TV or internet. Woe is me. I do currently have custody of the cat (shh don’t tell my landlord), so now when I hear something go bump in the night I don’t have to assume straight away that it’s a burgalar.

This year I’m working in two different primary schools, and I switch between the schools every week. Both schools are in the “New City” of Mérida so they’re on the other side of the river about a 25 minute walk away from our apartment in the center. I get to cross a 700 meter long Roman bridge which takes up the majority of my walk and makes it a bit more interesting than the average commute.

Isn’t it beautiful!? (source)

The schools are both really different from my old school in Arcos, and are equally different from eachother. It will be fine, but I’m beginning to remember why a third year as an auxiliar was my backup plan. I think it’s because I’m feeling quite lazy getting back into the swing of things, but once I get internet at home and am able to plan things out better I’m sure I’ll feel better about everything.

Mérida itself is really nice. There’s a lot more going on here than in Arcos because there’s a lot of tourism; Mérida’s the city with the most Roman ruins in Spain! I literally live a one-minute walk from this beautiful temple, the templo de Diana, and about a two-minute walk from the roman theatre that Mérida is famous for.

Right around the corner from my apartment!!! (source)

It’s also in a great geographic location. By car we’re only 2.5 hours from Lisbon, 3 hours from Madrid 2 hours and 45 minutes from Toledo, and 2.5 from Salamanca. There’s also a train station right in Mérida about 10 minutes walking from my apartment, which is really convenient! Now I just have to find the money to travel!

Overall, I’m settling in pretty well here. I’ve met some other auxiliares and am pretty familiar with the city for the most part. It’s strange though, that after how anxious I was for a change, I’m missing Arcos a lot! I guess it’s true what they say, the grass is always greener…

I’m also really excited to announce that I’ve been featured today on Expats Blog! You should  go read the interview about my life as a United Statesian expat living abroad in Spain! The interview includes my Top 5 Tips for adjusting to life in a new country, and there is a gallery of pictures as well! I’d love if you’d check it out.

Expat Interviews

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4 thoughts on “Adjusting to life in Mérida and my Expats Blog interview!

  1. May I ask which schools you were placed at in Merida? I just got placed in the city for the upcoming school year!


      • Calatrava was a pretty easy school to work at. My coordinator was Marcelino (don’t know if he’s still there) but he was really nice. The school is really small so the biggest class was about 11 kids and the smallest was 5. There are maybe 70 kids in the whole school! I didn’t do much as an auxiliar there because I never took the initiative (I was just having a bad year in general) but I think that if you’re enthusiastic you’ll have a great year there.


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